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Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Success Stories: Everyday People!

Internet Marketing Home Business Training

Create Your Own Super Awesome Website for FREE!!! NO CC needed. No internet Savvy needed. Follow the training and mentorship!!!! Click on any of the links below and there will be an offer on the page. Contact me after you sign up and I will personally mentor you through your time at Wealthy Affiliate. If you don ‘t contact me don’t worry. I will say hi to you at WA and we can chat then. I will offer you the free mentorship then! 


Talk is Cheap. You came to this website looking for Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.

Eddie Salmon made over $9000 in the shortest month of the year. February.

        ⇑⇑     Click to See Eddie ‘s Short Story 

That’s my tongue hanging out of my mouth. 🙂 🙂

Click the link above to go straight to the most amazing Wealthy Affiliate Success story that pushed me to focus on my Wealthy Affiliate Business more intently and primarily over all of the other business ventures that I had going on.

When I saw how much Eddie Salmon was making I dropped everything and put all of my resources into sharing my knowledge and love of Wealthy Affiliate. The website that you are on is the fruit of this. I started this website in March of 2018. It has been a great success so far . The foundations for blockbuster success has been laid !! I want to challenge Mr. Salmon ‘s earnings of $9000 in February. 🙂


Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Success Stories: Everyday People!


This page is a quick show you the monnneeyyy page!!! 🙂 . You get to find out first hand if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or are their Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories. People just need to know that there is a way to make money online from a reputable company like Wealthy Affiliate.

So I have decided to compile this list of encouraging and inspiring success stories. These are only the ones that I have noticed in blog postings at Wealthy Affiliate. But I assure you there are many more!

I encourage you to not just see these examples of Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories as proof that you can make great income with Wealthy Affiliate but also do as I do and learn from these high income earners. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you can use these people as Mentors at no extra charge than your $49 monthly fee. How awesome huh?


Lil Mama ‘s Amazing Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

First off is a Wealthy Affiliate member who goes by Lil Mama. Lolll. I have a sense of humor so her name cracks me up. I think she chose that name because Wealthy Affiliate has a social media aspect to it. Outside of the learning and tools aspect to it. Sooo you can show your personality as much or not as you like. I do not know Lil mama’s real name neither do we need to know.

But I love her story. I admire her and learn from her. Here is one blog that she posted on Wealthy Affiliate. With proof of her mega success at Wealthy Affiliate.

March Results: Over $1000 made this month

Wealthy Affiliate Home Business Success stories

Wealthy Affiliate Home Business Success stories







Find out more about Wealthy Affiliate below!

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Introducing Jelena from Wealthy Affiliate


Click the link below to see Jelena blog in detail about how she made her first $1000 from her website with the tools and knowledge that she got from Wealthy Affiliate. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jelenabb/blog/my-first-1-000-from-the-site/a_aid/0da84477/a_aid/0da84477

Jelena mentions that she had a learning curve in her journey to making $1000. She says that she was not afraid to try something different. She made some mistakes and learned from them. She kept pushing on and it paid off. It did not happen overnight. It took her some time but she is doing excellent now!

She is an expert in her field of online marketing and affiliate marketing. Now she is teaching others how to do what she did! Great job Jelena I admire you!

The Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Main Event: Eddie $9000 in One Month


At any boxing, musical, or sports event you have the opening and the warm up acts. You have the up and coming stars perform before the prime time performer. Well lastly on this post and the Eddie is the most successful one month income earner at Wealthy Affiliate. He is an overwhelming Home Business success story. His story finally made me sit up and take note to how prosperous Wealthy Affiliate truly is.

Eddie made over $9000 in the month of February the shortest month of the year. LOL how do you do that??? Well he shares that with us in his blog post.

  • He followed the training at Wealthy Affiliate
  • He sought the advice of other successful Entrepreneurs at WA
  • He implemented the things he learned
  • He took responsibility for his Business
  • He worked hard
  • He never gave up
  • He was humble and flexible leading to adjustments that led to Super Growth

He almost earned $10,000 in ONE MONTH!!!! WOWWW. $9465 . You got to be kidding me.

Go to the top of the page and Click on the link to Eddie ‘s Blog and you will see the evidence yourself.

There you can also sign up for Wealthy Affiliate as well and learn how to build a great internet business yourself!

Many blessings to you,



Content Creator Goal Setting


This incredible Content Writing platform is a part of your Wealthy Affiliate website hosting benefits. Free of charge.

Try Wealthy Affiliate free for 7 days.

As we know Ranking on the first Page of Google is a heavy lift. So set your Content Creating Goals High! Here is how I do it.



Content Creator Setting Goals


The Wealthy Affiliate Content Creator Helps me set Writing Goals


Many of us have been told the importance of setting goals. This is very important in your online business. Today I am going to share a tool with you that will not only enable you to set goals. But to accomplish better content writing and a more efficient, clean and rewarding content writing process!

I spoke to a millionaire this year and it was a very enlightening and enriching conversation. He told me how important setting goals was to him becoming wealthy. He told me that setting goals was integral in the process of becoming consistent in doing the things needed to be successful. This information has helped me to be a better affiliate marketer and business person.

One of the great things about our love for sports and entertainment is keeping up with the numbers games. We are so interested in finding out how many home runs has a current baseball player hit in comparison to the all time greats like Babe Ruth. Or how many yards rushing does Adrian Peterson have vs Emmitt Smith. How many records has Taylor Smith sold in her career? These numbers can truly be mind blowing and surprising. So that is where the Wealthy Affiliate Content creating platform comes into play.

If you, would like to be a better content writer than the Wealthy Affiliate Content Creator is a great place to start. Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate one stop place for Internet Marketers to get all the tools and resources to make money online. One of the best and most useful tools that Wealthy Affiliate has is its Content Creation platform.

Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate has continued to build upon a solid foundation by adding this tool to it ‘s Internet Marketing education and website building platform.

You can try it today free for 7 days without giving your Credit Card information.

Benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate Content Creator Platform

8 things that the Wealthy Affiliate Content Writing platform helps me with:

  • Setting Writing Goals
  • Setting Post Publishing Goals
  • Notifies me when Google Indexes my Content
  • Checks the Grammar on my Writings
  • Gives me Free Pictures to place on my post
  • Optimizes Images
  • Fun and Easy to Write On
  • Mental Freedom: Open Writing

Content Creator Setting Goals

Setting Writing Goals

The Wealthy Affiliate Content Creation Platform helps you to set your writing goals by the number of words that you would like to write in a certain time frame. Whether it be days, weeks, months, or in a year. It also keeps track of this information to see how you have done in accomplishing your goals.

It has been great for me because I am in competition with myself. It is so fun. But as one of the top content writers in number of words written on the platform I am also in competition with the 2% of people on Wealthy Affiliate who happen to write more content than me. I am trying to find out who those 2% are!!! 🙂

We all know as internet marketers and bloggers that creating content is the central focus and sometimes the hardest thing to do in our online business. While also being the most fun and interesting part as well. So creating content for our websites and blogs can be a love hate relationship.

We deal with things like writers block, lack of time and, lack of inspiration, and sometimes lack of motivation to write. Well let me tell you fellow internet marketers. The Wealthy Affiliate Content writer is a great prescription for these common problems.

As you see in my video blog the Wealthy Affiliate Content Writing Platform has helped me to transform my writing frequency and skill level.

There is a very cool, easy to read, and very informative dashboard where you can set your writing goals for the day, week, month, or even year. This has been very helpful to push and motivate me to write.

As you can see I have written over 63 Thousand words on the Wealthy Affiliate platform alone for my websites in the last 8 months.

This is just the beginning. I have high goals for the next couple months of 2018!!! You can do it too.

Give me some competition. I challenge you. 🙂 . Kind of lonely up here on top of the Content writing mountain. Ha ha!

Wait a minute who are the other 2% ahead of me….


Setting Post Publishing Goals


So I just shared with you how the Wealthy Affiliate Content Creating platform helps us to create content by the setting of word writing goals. This is important because simply stated our websites and blogs are made up by individual post that are made up by an accumulation of words.

Taking this information into account. The Wealthy Affiliate Content creator also counts the amount of post that you have published on the platform. So you can also set goals for the amount of post that you would like to create per day, week, month or year.

This is very helpful because when you are planning your long term website strategy somewhere in the conversation is going to be how often do I want to create content.

How much content do I need to create

How long do I want the content to be

When, I want this Content to be finished


Best Content Creator


Watch this Wealthy Affiliate member get super excited about getting Indexed by Google! 

Notifies Me When I am Indexed By Google

One of the really cool features that most people at Wealthy Affiliate truly love is getting a notification from Wealthy Affiliate that the content that they created through the WA platform has been indexed by google. This is really exciting because it is kind of like being told that your product is sitting in a Walmart store.

It does not guarantee that someone will buy it aka click on your post. But it does mean that shoppers can see your product aka post and make a buying… clicking decision. Which, is very exciting. Getting your content indexed by google is the first step to making money online.

If you, were to create your content using virtually any other method you would not get a notification saying that Google indexed your content. So how would you know that your content that you worked so hard on is on the right track? The only way that you would know is to be proficient at Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. Which you should be.

If you, are not I will be doing some training on that as well. No worries. But the thing is that sometimes Google Webmasters and Google Analytics might not give you the information that you need fast enough or accurately enough at times. So getting a message straight from the horse’s mouth is AWESOME!

The horse being Google and Wealthy Affiliate. It is nice to have friends in high places right! Kyle and Carson the creators of Wealthy Affiliate have really hooked us up.

Checks the Grammar on my Writings

Another really useful portion of the WA content creator is the all important grammar and spell check feature. So when I get finished with my writings all I have to do is click one button and the grammar checker goes through the whole of my content. Finding everything from spelling mistakes to grammatical errors like a misplaced commas or a run on sentence. For some of us the editing process is an arduous one. Because we have to take a fine tooth comb and go through our writings after we did all the research and writing.

All I want to do at that time is to press publish. But with the Wealthy Affiliate content creator grammar check I am able to give Google a more polished product. Google cares about our grammar and spelling when ranking our content. Yes I am going to be going back to my WordPress editor and making some final changes and additions to my content after I publish it in the content writing platform.

Like adding YouTube videos and editing the title and description in my All in One SEO pro settings. In which the content creator has a button to get you straight to your WordPress editor. So the Content Creator is self-aware. When you get finished with your grammar and spellcheck it knows that you may want or need to do more things to your sweet content.

No the WA content Creator is not everything. But it is SUPER helpful and fun to me. As I am writing these words I am at word count 1412 and counting!!!! This content creator has really helped me to grow as a content writer. It really induces my creative juices. Allowing me to flow into content with more of an open mind.

You just have to try it for a week or so to see that I am saying.

One admission about the Grammar and spell check. I do have to go to my WP editor to fix a couple of misspelled words after the WA spellchecker does its check. It is no big deal. The content creator is still relatively new and being improved on all the time.

Just a heads up for you.


Content Creation Platform


Gives Me Free Pictures to place on my Post

This is another very unique and very needed feature. When you are just starting off on your journey as an internet marketer you might not have a lot of start up money to purchase stock photos from places like Adobe stock or Shutterstock. The WA content creator is made with you in mind.

The content creator gives you free access to millions of high grade pictures. I just love it!!! It comes in handy even if you are using Adobe stock. Because it is FREE!!! All you have to do is to search the database for the type of images that you are looking for to place in your content.

Make sure to put the images in your content before you publish it. I do not think there is a way to go back and place the images in your content.

Why are images important in your content?

If you, do not know an as a refresher to others. Images are really important because Google uses the images in our content to help present options to the end user. When they are searching for let’s say a nice content Creator to use. They will see the title and description of my content and any images or videos that Google decides to present to them.

So images help Google to decide what keywords to rank you under and also it helps the end user to figure out if your content is what they want to view. If one person uses images and the other does not. All things being equal both Google and the End User are going to probably pick the content that has images.

So this is a very helpful tool.

WA Content Writing Platform Optimizes Images

Not just does this content creator give you free images. But the WA content writing platform Optimizes the images that you put on your content for search engines. Which, is also super important for your page speed and other factors. As you may well know or as you will learn. Making sure that every post on your website and that your website as a whole is in tip-top shape is very important.

That is why I recommend SEO site audit tools like SemRush and this content writing platform. Optimizing images for search engines and for visual potency is very important for our bottom line as professionals.


Fun and Easy To Write On

I can’t wait to write new content on the WA content creator. It is like my mind and spirit are having a conversation with my keyboard and that conversation flows right onto my computer. Sometimes when you are trying to communicate your thoughts those thoughts do not come across very easily or directly.

The WA content creator helps in this process. It is a truly easy and enjoyable process. The content creator is very simple. It has all the items that we need to create the base content that will make up over 90% of our content.

The content writing platform allows you to place

  • H1 tags
  • Bold Print
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Change Alignments
  • Add URL Links
  • Add Images from your computer
  • Get Free Stock photos
  • Grammar and Spelling Check



Mental Freedom and Open Writing

I have already hit on this several times in this review but because this is such an important point and central to everything that we do as online business owners. Let me go into how much I appreciate what the Wealthy Affiliate Content creator has done for me as a writer.

Although I like the WordPress editor. I would have to say that using it can sometimes become mundane. Writing on the same canvas every time can become a little boring and suffocate my creative juices. So using a vanilla more lighted canvas than the dark WordPress content editor has been boost for my creative process.

I find that I look forward to writing more. I look forward to the whole process of content creation more. Whereas the WordPress editor seems like a world of it ‘s own. Cut off from all other things in life but your website. The WA content writing platform feels like it is a part of the rest of the online world and life. So the process of adding your research and mindset from your mind and the rest of the internet onto the content writing platform is more of a seamless process.


Well that is my review of the Wealthy Affiliate Content Writing platform. Remember that you can only use this platform in connection with your website hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. You can try it free for 7 days! Have fun 🙂

How to Rank in Google

Learn internet Marketing from the pros!


Welcome Successful Online Marketers. This class is for the new to intermediate students. This is how it feels when you are on the first Page of Google.

You are getting those clicks

The Clicks are turning into conversions

The money is rolling in!

But this is the problem. How do I get to the First Page of Google on a consistent basis? How do I stay on the first page of Google?

What do I have to look forward to BEFORE this happens. You want to make sure that you take a look at the Business Psychology and the Nuts and Bolts of how the process goes.

Here I share:

  • What people will not tell you about ranking on Page 1 of Google
  • I share the mindset of Google
  • What your mindset should be to be successful online
  • What Strategies to Implement for long term success

Successfully Ranking on Page 1 of Google
Excellence needs an assistant. Semrush to the rescue! Try it free

Mindset: Your website is a Picasso that you need to show to the world. The great things and ideas that you have created and accumulated throughout your life.

Google is the gateway that will give thousands and maybe even millions of people access to wonderful you, your wonderful products and your wonderful services.

The Art of SEO

There is an Art to being a Successful Online Marketer: Paint your Picasso


New and Better SEO Strategies: Submit your Application to Search Engines


The more and more that I work as an internet marketer and content writer. The more and more that I understand about SEO. It dawned on me that ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is like submitting and application to a job. I think this is very important to understand for 5 reasons.

  1. If you are applying for a job at NASA it is nice to know the Prerequisites to even be considered
  2. You need to have a good idea long it might take to for the whole process to begin and finish
  3. You have to be realistic about your past qualifications for that job at NASA
  4. You have to understand the massive competition it is to do things like …. Walk on the Moon 🙂
  5. It is going to take a lot of hard work, some skill, and some head scratching to Get on the First Page of Search Engines

Talking to many young online entrepreneurs and I have to say that I was the exact same way. As I would assume many of you young internet marketers reading this article are.

You are so excited and so confident when you start out on your journey in your own online home business. I am here to say, hold on to that excitement and confidence brothers and sisters. You are going to need it and you are going to need a lot of it. You probably think that you are going to create a website and throw some affiliate links on it and they are going to magically convert into customers. If those affiliate links do not convert into customers and something positive does not happen in 3 -6 months you stand the great risk of being discouraged and ready to quit.

Or if you are like me you decide to change your niche and start another website….

Let me be the first to tell you that these unstable activities are not going to get you to Rank on the first page of Google.

Let me explain what I mean by comparing our website ‘s relationship with Search Engines like Google with the process of applying for a job. Then let me show you how to rank in Search Engines by in a word ” Submitting your Application to Google” 🙂 .

How to Rank in Google


Applying For that Dream Job! Step 1. Understanding the Employer

In order to get your website page ranked on the First Page of Google first you need to understand Google aka the “Employer” of the job that you are applying for.

Trying to rank on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo is like applying for your dream job. As Internet Marketers we know that if we can get to the first page of Google that means maximum exposure and website visitors. That translates to us getting our very important message across to thousands and even millions of people!!! That also translates to making money!!!

So is this not the goal of every internet marketer? The problem is there are many SEO companies that are very bad at explaining what you really need to get on the front page of Google. I might add that some SEO companies are very bad on purpose sometimes.

Why is this? They want you to buy something. They are not looking for competition they are looking for customers. Sleazy? YES!!!

Sometimes people are just so used to doing things the old SEO hat way that even though they know the new way in their hearts. In their mind they get stuck on Keywords… Keywords. Keywords… They repeat it over and over again like a Robot or a zombie on the movie Night of the Living Dead… Brains Brains Brains…. Keywords… Keywords Keywords.

My advice to young internet marketers do not listen to everyone who says they are an expert in SEO. They might be Old hat SEO zombies or dinosaurs who have not learned how to adapt to what Google and search engines actually are looking for. Don ‘t be a zombie and don ‘t be a dinosaur!!!

Learn New SEO strategies
Without malice or an agenda sometimes online business marketers forget what Search Engines are really looking for. Search Engines are always trying to be the Best Looking Peacock for their customers. They are constantly working on their Algorithms to put the best content in front of their customers.

Thankfully Google and their competition search Engines Bing and Yahoo have gotten better at putting the best and most relevant websites, Videos, and Images in front of their Customers.

Experience is the Best Teacher

As you evolve as a Content writer and hit your head a few times on the SEO wall. I believe it dawns on you. All the information that you have heard in bits and pieces. It all comes together. You spit the bad information out and you understand what is the good.

As you see what on your website is ranking well and what is not ranking well. A light comes on!!!! You say to yourself, “I have to be a better applicant for the First Page of Google”.

My advice to you at this point in your Internet Marketing evolution. Don ‘t be frustrated. BE BETTER!!!!

So you have researched the Employer Google and understand what kind of employee aka Content that they are looking for to put on Page 1.

Time for Step 2


How to Rank in Google

Applying for that Dream Job! Step 2 Submitting your Application and Resume

Have you ever applied that for that dream job? It was the right job description, the right pay, and the right location. It was a great upgrade to the job that you have now. So you submitted your application to the fictional just for this article Starship Orion company. But you just did not submit your application. Oh no of course not. With your shiny application was a shiny resume that you were so proud of.

Why? Because you worked so hard up too now to get this dream job. You had to dot all of your i ‘s and cross all of your t’s!!!

Your Job Application to the Starship Orion Company contains page after page of important information. You both answered all the questions that the Starship Orion Company wanted to know. You played nice with them. You were humble and patient. You got all the information that they needed. You also showed in application and even more in your resume what makes you a great person and employee that is just right for this specific job.

Well what is the job? The Starship Orion is considering you so that they can put you in front of their customers. Or they might hire you and put you in the mail room where no one sees you. It all depends on how well the information on your application and resume look.

Because they do not know you personally or do they care to know you personally in that way. It is about business and in this business it is information. As you know Google uses Artificial intelligence and an Algorithm to decide what pieces of content and websites rank the highest in their search engine.

The big question is can I trust you with my customers who want what they want and they want it right now.

They need what they need and they need it right now. It can be things that are trivia and funny. To important and very serious.

The same is true with your website when you are trying to rank on the first page of Google. But how does this translate?

I might be taking a long time to explain this but I think it is worth it. To get this to sink into your mind and your spirit. Being a successful Online Marketer is a process. There are details to attend to. There is much work to do first!

In the above part of the job application to the Starship Orion company. Your job application is every individual web page on your website. Your resume is your website as a whole. Google both looks at your application aka your individual post. They also look at the full body of work aka your resume.

They want to see how long have you been building this website. Does your application and resume fit with what my customers need and are looking for. There are many people who are trying to get the same job that you want. So it is not always that your resume or application are bad. But it is not the best of the best.

So they put you on page 4, 8, or 32. Not the worst thing in the world because you have worked hard and you have quality work. But you are not on page 1 where the big bucks are.

This is the reality of the process of ranking on Page 1.


How does Your Website Compare to an Application and Resume?

Think about the questions and queries on both a job application from an employer like the Starship Orion and from what Google looks for in your website. Before an Employer calls you in for what is a dream job for not just you but for hundreds and maybe thousands of other people .

Dream job Aka The Keyword that you are Targeting 😉 . If you have a Cooking website let’s say that you are creating content about How to cook the best Thanksgiving Dinner ‘. Then you know that the main keywords are going to be Cooking and Thanksgiving. Maybe throwing in the word “Best” as a primer for those keywords.

Once you start creating your content for your ” Dream Job” you know that it is on. There are going to be other people applying for this dream job aka Thanksgiving Dinner Page 1 spot.

Google aka the employer is sitting back watching their customers looking for tips for making the best Thanksgiving Dinner.

So they are going through applications including yours.

First the employer is going to look over your application to see if you qualify for the job. Past job history, relevant job history, time on the job, how long have you consistently been working. Meaning did you take a year or two off. If so why? Was it 5 years ago or was it just now?

Google and other Search Engines are very similar. They are crawling your Awesome website to see if you are a good candidate to call up to the First Page of their Rankings. How much content do you have? How long has your website been in existence? How many relevant keywords and subject matter do you have for this customer.

They are trying their hardest to match your website page up with a relevant search of one of their customers. They want to put you on their first page!! Look at it that way.

But notice how often in this whole article that used the word ” Keyword“. Not often. I will share with you more about that later. But for right now. The thing that I want you to understand most is that you need to earn the Trust of Google.

They need to see your work. They need to verify that you have something good to say. They need to make sure that you have quality information and a good presentation.


What do you want in your Google Search? Ok now do that!

Think about this. What do you want in your Google search when you search for something silly or important? You do not want clickbait or malware or slow loading pages that looks like it is from the Commodore 64 days. Up ole dating myself. Ha ha! I was a young boy then. 🙂

Your shiny resume aka your useful and compelling website content is the next layer of your Tasty Cake that Google is looking to love! Google is looking for Relevance, Quality, Appearance and User Experience among other things to decide whether or not you are a match for the Searchers Google query.

Thus, the use of keywords, your Title, Your Description, but most importantly the content of the web page.

Make it easy for Google and your Website Visitors to say ok this website page is about ” How to make the best Thanksgiving Dinner”. I am on the right page and this is some good stuff.


Google is compiling information from your website sitemap, images, videos, Meta information, and SERP. All of these helps Google determine it ‘s Trust and Your Relevance to an audience of people known as your Authority, and ability to deliver fresh and new content on a consistent basis.

So that means that the Search Engine web crawlers or spiders are crawling your site looking looking and looking. Checking checking and checking. Verifying that you and I are hitting the proper criteria. If you do it will translate to that dream job that we are looking for. First Page Rankings!!!!

To fit this in with our Analogy about applying for a job. Google does not really hire anyone. But they will take your applications and take your applications and sit them on a stack of others. Then they constantly go through the stack of resumes and applications with their spiders to see if you are ready for Page 1!


How does Google Choose Rankings

Employer: What is your Name, Address, and Social Security Number?

Google: What is your Location, IP address and Domain name?

Employer : What is your past work Experience Dating back the Past 3 jobs?

Google : How long has your Website been in Existence?

Employer: Do you have any References?

Google: Do you have any Social Media mentions?

Employer: Do you have a Portfolio of your work

Google: Do you have a Sitemap? Can I search your site with Spiders?

Employer: Have you ever been fired

Google: What is your Bounce Rate?

Employer: Do you have any felonies?

Google: Do you implement SEO Catfishing or keyword tricks?

Employer: What are your Hobbies?

Google: Are you a real person? Are you Unique and Not Boring?

Employer: What are your weakness?

Google: Are you honest and straightforward . Or at least clever?

Google: Be real and people will love you or be a Great Actor. People will not care as long as they get what they came for

Entertainment, Information, Shopping …..

Employer: Why were you fired from this job after only 1 week?

Google: Why is your Bounce Rate so high?

Employer: How fast does it take you to respond to my Interview questions?

Google: How fast does your Website Pages load?

Employer: Are you dependable and on time?

Google: If I give you a high ranking my customers will not get 404 redirects and broken links right?

Employer: How do you present yourself? You came in a Suit, A dress, or Flip Flops and Short Shorts

Google: Nice Theme! Nice Colors, Nice Pictures, Nice Arrangements


Google: It does not look visually appealing, Poor picture quality, I cannot understand what you are saying

Employer: I really enjoy talking to that job seeker. He/She was polite and interesting. They would be a quite unique addition to our team.

Google: I HAVE to put this content in front of my Customers. They will love it!!!!

Employer: Do you like Talking to People

Google: How engaging is your Content


In Closing

I hope that I conveyed the long and hard process that is going to take for us to get those Page 1 rankings that we are looking for as internet marketers. There will be some bumps in the road. We will have to work hard. We will have to be consistent. We have to audit our websites. We will have to have skill. We will have to knock down some walls.

We will have to encourage ourselves as well as push ourselves. We will have to overcome personal and professional shortcomings and add on new skills.

But if this was easy than it would not be rewarding as well right?

I hope that this blog post was helpful to you. Keep applying for those Google Contracts. Enjoy them while they last. Because someone is looking to take your spot!!! Have fun.



Food Network model and Cooking Home Business

” We are the only country in the world where being fat is a bad thing ” Chris Rock

Yes indeed Chris we love our food in America!!!

Get the New Food Network Recipe Book discounted


Creating income in the Food Business


The birth and explosion of the Food Network Business: There is Money in that Food!


I am sure that you have heard the expression that there is gold in them hills. So what is in the food that you are eating other than vitamins and oregano? Well the birth and explosion of the Food Network Business model has shown that there is money in that food! Earlier this year I wrote an article in the category of home business ideas centered around building a business around cooking and food.

I also did another article on Patti Labelle ‘s successful and tasty pie business. It ‘s lunch this is making me hungry. I have had a lot of fun building this Marketing Gems website experience but those two blog post were really fun to make!

I gave a few tips and suggestions on how to make extra income and maybe even change your life by starting a website centered around cooking, baking, and the love of food! There is no better way for me to explain how this is a booming business model other than to look at the success and love affair that consumers have with the Food Network. Created in 1993 the Food Network has done a simple but profound thing. They have found a way to reintroduce food into our households.

24 hours a day all across the world there are always more than one cook in the kitchen. Women and Men across the world are learning how to create the best and healthiest foods for every occasion.

Here we will look at the birth and explosion of the Food Network and what it means for the entrepreneur who loves food.


Food Network and successful Home Business


The Amazing History of the Food Network:

Money in The Food

One of the amazing things about the free market is someone has an idea or a talent that they want to share with other people. So the entrepreneur takes a risk and if they are successful it means that they can make a living off of what they love or are good at. In the amazing story of the Food Network being brought to market. I can say the society as a whole is better because of a new concept, a better way of doing something as old as cooking, and many new jobs have been created.

Not to mention many personal and family experiences throughout the 15 years since the inception of the Food Network channel. You thought that famous dish that you Aunt Linda cooks was her original recipe. When in, fact she learned it off the Food Network from Emeril Lagasse. Shouts out to Aunt Linda!!!

A short history of the Food Network goes like this:

The Food Network is for sure a business Gem. Thus, why Marketing Gems was interested in looking into this lucrative and remarkable phenomenon .

The Food Network went live on November 23rd 1993. Almost 15 years to the day of me doing this article. Wow how fun. The name that you want to know and remember when it comes to the Food Network is Erica Gruen. She is credited with the concepts and directional changes that saved the Food Network from bankruptcy in the mid 90’s .

Hired as CEO in 1996. She is the second woman to be the CEO of a television network. Gruen brought the Food Network into mass appeal and targeted the millions of people who simply love food. Using television and the Internet as a way of getting the Food Network services and products in front of hungry consumers.

Ready to consume new and fun ways of cooking. Ready to learn how to make something new for family and friends. These enthusiastic food lovers propelled the Food Network to the top of the ratings. In 1997, it was the second fastest growing cable network.

So what does this mean for you and me?

From conception in 1993 to near bankruptcy. To a fast and powerful turnaround in 1997. The Food Network has shown us how incredible something as simple as the food that we eat every day can have a profound business impact.

There is great room for growth in Food industries

You are Unique in what you bring to the table

Your knowledge, ability, and passion is fully yours. Copyrighted for always

What can I do to capitalize off the Business of Food?

Food is a part of our lives every single day! We look so forward to the food we eat. Sometimes it is the highlight of our week to be honest. Chuckles. For instance my family loves Buffalo Wild Wings Buy One Get One Free Night every Tuesday. So much so It was the first post on my new Food website.

I told you in an earlier post about how to make money creating a website about Food that I was going to try it. I did and I love it!! If I can do it you can do it!!! I am not much of a cook but I want to learn. I love food and I know there is money in food!!! I encourage you to give it a try. I believe that you will be successful.

Tips to capitalize on the Business of Food like the Food Network has brilliantly done: 

1. My number One suggestion starts with building a website centered off of sharing your love for food, cooking tips, and food stories. It is the easiest way to start with as little $47 a month. Giving yourself the ability to make hundreds and even thousands a month with overhead under $50 a month. You build your website on your time. Part time or Full Time.

You learn as you go!

2. Get a few of your favorite and best dishes and start a Food Cart business. Sell these dishes at Pop Warner Football games,outside of schools, businesses, and go around your local areas spreading the word.

Hot and Ready meals and dishes.

3. Team up! I often have said over the years every church should have a Restaurant!!! Get a few of your best friends, church members, and family members together. Get your best dishes , best ideas, the best connections and some start up money for your new website, food cart, or Restaurant.

Building a business can be very hard. The wisdom of having more than one person is always going to be true. Less burden, more help, more ideas, more skills and more future and long term income possibilities. It is great to be a success but it is even greater to become successful with others whom you love, know and care for.

Share my article with your family members and friends and say take a look at this. I was thinking of opening my own business centered around food and looking for partners. What do you think?


Cooking Family home business


4. Start Small and Think Big.

Have a vision of what you would like to do. Start small and be ready to eventually go to the next level. Have huge expectations but start small. Keep the same passion and excellence at every stage of your growth. You can do it!

So let ‘s go into more of what the Food Network has done in order to become a such a success in the Food Category. These same things will help you and I cash in on the money that is in Food.


Food Network Economics 101: Supply and Demand


Yo mama so dumb she thought Supply and Demand was a music group. #Jokes4Nerds

Ok I thought I would have a little fun. How are my comedian skills? Ok I won ‘t quit my day job. But if you love to cook and if you love food there is a great demand for information and content centered around food. Let me break it down for us. As I did research on the money to be made in the Food education and engagement industry. It is simply outrageous.

In 2015 the Food Network created revenue of $891 Million dollars. WOWWW!!!

That is how much revenue they were able to create in one year. So what if you could create a website or start a food cart that will make you an extra couple hundred or thousands dollars a month? Would that help you get to the next step in your life?

Let’s face it the chances of us creating the next Food Network are very slim. But there are many online and small business success stories that show us that it is possible for individuals to Supply the great demand out there for goods and services. In this case there is money in Food!


Business philosophy: Money in what you love


As I have written about extensively before at Marketing Gems. There is a lot of money and fulfillment in starting a home business in a category that you love. If you ask Emeril Lagasse, Robin Leach, and Donna Hanover the original Food Network crew if they have ever worked a day in their lives. They would probably say certainly yes. But I have enjoyed every minute of it.

What I am saying is that building a business is hard work in certain segments of the operation. But if you can find something that you love and you happen to love cooking. Think about starting that cooking website or that restaurant that you have been thinking of.

It is not just a great way to increase your income but also a positive experience that will enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

The Food Business: Sell what is Hot

Forgive the pun but the Food Network only did what any successful business does. They sell what is hot or what people are looking for. If people are looking for it then guess what it is hot is. Whether it is the newest Food Network Cookbook or some Nike shoe.

The Food Network found a way to serve what people were craving or did not realize that they could have. They gave millions of people more access to Kitchen literacy. We do not have to be as great as the Food Network we can be better. As long as you are being yourself and bringing value to your craft people will love and consume what you are sharing.

Your website and food business are the next Hot thing!

Many blessings as your build your Food empire! Eat good…. Eat well!!!

If this article encouraged you or helped you please let us know. Thank you

Jobs at Meijer: Now hiring

Great opportunity with a great company

Details about how to apply for a job or maybe even acquire a career!

Make sure you read our Marketing Gems business explanation on why Meijer benefits are a good life play!

Information below!

Update: The Meijer on 28th street and Kalamazoo is also hiring! 


Jobs at Meijer hiring

Meijer is Hiring


The Marketing Gems opportunity hunt never stops. I was doing some shopping at the 28th street Kraft drive Meijer when I saw that they were hiring. This is not a small job search. But this is a big lift for Meijer. I know this because they had a nice little booth set up to talk to prospective employees.

So they are really focused on hiring new workers to staff their store. I think that this is a great sign because when a grocery or retail store puts up a booth looking for talent. It shows you that they are not just looking for a person to fill out an application. They are looking for a person to invest in.

That is super news if you are looking for part-time work, full time work, or a career opportunity.

For Benefits information look below. To apply for a job at Meijer you can go to Jobs.meijer.com



Learn how to earn money online from home while you live your life and work!

Mentorship, training, Resources! Marketing Gems recommends Wealthy Affiliate for fun and income! 


Meijer Stores are A ok with Me

I moved here to Michigan in 2016. So Meijer stores are a new phenomenon with me. But I will tell you I have never met a Meijer that I did not like. Ha ha! But this Meijer is a really nice Meijer. It really makes you feel good. There are great food selections and super nice presentations.

I don’t know about you but if you can work at a place that takes pride in how it looks and feels then that is a great thing to be a part of.


Jobs at Meijer hiring

The Meijer Employees Look Happy


When I entered the store I was greeted by an employee who just happened to be passing by. He was so happy and he gave me a big smile. That was not needed but that sure is great when you get it. He gave the same greeting to two young ladies who was in front of me. This is at about 11 pm at night. Was it time for him to get off? I don ‘t know but he was really happy! Lol

But he was not the only employee that seemed happy and content at that Meijer. The other employees there seemed happy, content, and energetic while doing their jobs, talking to each other and helping out customers. That is a good sign when choosing a place to work I think.

Meijer Benefits and Pay


I hear that the Meijer family and business entity is a pretty giving and thoughtful brand here in West Michigan. Well working for such a class organization is a great opportunity. As I look over the flyer that I picked up at the ” We are hiring ” booth the pay and benefits look pretty good. I did not see a hard number as far as the pay. But the benefits are wide-ranging, useful, and interesting.

  • Competitive Wages
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Paid Days off and Holiday Pay
  • Team Member Discount
  • Medical plan coverage
  • Dental plan coverage
  • Prescription plan coverage
  • Vision plan coverage
  • 401 K Retirement plan
  • Meijer Scholarship opportunities
  • Leadership Development Training Opportunities
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Volunteer Time

I am tired just looking at that list of job benefits. 🙂 . Pretty impressive I would say. The thing about the benefits that are listed is this in my opinion. It is great when a company understands what today ‘s employee wants and needs. I see why Meijer employees look so happy and productive!!!


Meijer job benefits

Marketing Gems Business Take:

The Big Bucks in Benefits

One thing is a sure shot I believe. A company like Meijer is going to pay you a competitive wage and even more. So that is not a concern. But the other great thing is the hidden money that you will make working at Meijer. It can be very lucrative. Let me explain how.

401K: Meijer is a very successful long term stock play. If Meijer is offering company stock or the ability to purchase company stock at a discounted price than this is money in the bank for you. Of course any stock comes with risk associated with it. But the main phrase used is Meijer stock is a successful long term stock play. Long term is the operative word. Let’s face it Meijer is highly successful and the company is not going anywhere.

So this makes purchasing the stock at a discounted price or even holding the stock at face value a good investment. This investment usually only goes up long term! Ups and downs with sways with the greater economy, industry, and the specific company. But the arrow almost always goes up!


Jobs at Meijer hiring


You win big!

Meijer Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement is another way that a Meijer employee can cash in the big bucks. You can do this in two ways. Although every company has different rules for their tuition reimbursement it usually works the same way. The company will pay for part or all of your tuition at a particular college or for a particular class. Just as long as you hold a certain grade average.

This is great because you get paid to go to school and you get more education to add to your life experience, certifications, degrees, skills, and resume. So when it is time for a raise, promotion or for you to apply for a new job. Meijer has set you up for success. While they are getting a person who is motivated and incentivized to work hard for their company.

As long as you keep giving me the gravy as an employee the more I will come back happy with the biscuits. Sorry you have a country boy from Virginia here. 🙂

Add in some bacon and we have a deal!!!


Wrap up

Overall I think that this Meijer job opportunity is a great deal for people who are looking for a good part-time or full time job. Whether you are a High school student, College student or any person looking for a stable place to work. This job looks rewarding and lucrative.

Many blessings and much success to you!


If you have ever worked at Meijer please share with us your experiences good for bad. Thank you!



Semrush Review and Free Trial

Welcome to my Semrush On Page SEO checker Review. Amazingly Semrush has so many awesome features for your website or websites management. I had to split this review and tutorial up into several segments. Enjoy!

If you would like to Bookmark my page and try Semrush for free right now! Do so and come back to learn how to use Semrush.



So this is my real time Semrush On page SEO Checker Review. BEFORE I edit my website page of the errors that Semrush told me I had. With the recommendations that they gave me as a possible way of fixing my website SEO problems.

So you can see how this SEO improving software practically helps us Internet Marketers in our everyday task.

Note: Personally and professionally as a Veteran Mid-level to expert SEO I planned to go back and add more content to this post. Some main errors that Semrush is telling me about would’ve been reduced or totally fixed. My page would’ve ranked better.


The reason why I recommend Semrush and use Semrush is because

  • As a human being you simply miss stuff
  • Semrush by alerting me of my errors they catch my mistakes
  • Semrush is teaching me how to do better Onsite and On page SEO
  • Computer Software works more like Search Engines like Google than humans do
  • One Day your site will be so big that you will not be able to do it yourself
  • Semrush is worth the every penny

Before we go into this SEO tool review. Let me guide you to the right places.

For those looking to learn the do’s and don’ts of SEO. Try Wealthy Affiliate free

Semrush is like the icing. Here is where I learned how to bake the cake!

Learn SEO from the pros:

Ask questions-

Be mentored-

Step by step Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners, Mid Levels and Veterans class teaching.

Try Wealthy Affiliate free for 7 days


Now let’s spread on the Icing!

Semrush On page SEO Checker Review:

What’s in the details?


So let’s say that you just wrote an article about Deer hunting. Even though it’s Wabbit hunting season. 🙂 . Inside joke for Bugs Bunny fans. But I digress. Back to the serious topic of your article on Deer hunting. Chuckles!!! So you write your article on Deer hunting and you feel pretty good about it.

Once you start writing content on your website you kind of start writing on auto pilot. You do your keyword research, you add your keyword in your Post title, you add your keywords in your body, you add your keywords in your meta descriptions. You purpose to write at least 900 words for each post.

Write Great content

No Keyword Stuffing

Internal Links

External Links



Meta Tags

You were Unique

You were Authentic

Cat Videos: Who doesn’t like Cat videos? 

Have Fun! My suggestion


Knowing your SEO mistakes is better

Than not Knowing

I would say without thinking these are the things that most mid level to veteran SEO ‘s know by heart to do. So you get in such a routine that sometimes we get sloppy and forget the rules. Sometimes we get information overload. Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we just don ‘t know better.

Search Engine Optimization is such a fluid, changing and difficult task. It helps to have some awesome software attached to your website to help you understand how to steer it up the Authority and Site Rankings. Semrush is that awesome software that helps us site by site and page by page.

Because we know as much as we just want to write great content about deer hunting :). We also need to have the proper SEO discipline to beat the competition. The question is do we want to just be at the party? Or do we want to take home the prize!

Two ladies wear the same dress into a party. One has a nice broach and a nice hat and the other doesn’t. There are judges at the party with a $300 reward for the best outfit. They happened to like Broaches and Hats. They are going to pick the lady who wore the Broach and the Hat over the lady with the same dress without a broach and a hat.

The lady without the broach and the hat did not know that she made a mistake. The lady with the broach and the hat either new she had to bring those items, she knew that the judges like broaches and hats because of some pre party coaching, or she brought it by accident.

Which lady do you want to be? The one who knew or the one who was coached beforehand. Doing things by instinct is great! But not in a subjective world where Google and the other Search Engines deem what is worthy and what is not worthy. That is where Semrush and other good SEO software comes in at.

You need to have that edge in the world of online business.

So your content is an 8 out of 10. So is the other guys or gals. But you are using Semrush to trim the fat off of your website and web pages and to add better content.

While the other guy is posting and forgetting. Wondering why he is not getting page rank.

In such a competitive world of website search engine optimization Semrush has found it ‘s place.


How Does Semrush On Page SEO checker Work?

STEP 1 Pick your Project


This is how Semrush ‘s On Page SEO checker works. Note that some of these steps will be covered in some other of my Semrush reviews and tutorials.

First you will need to Create a Project for your Website in the Dashboard on your Homepage.

Once you create the project the software will gather all the information that is pertinent to your website SEO and rankings.

Kind of like submitting a blood sample to your Dr as a part of a physical. Once your site is crawled the SEO tool will send you an email telling you your site audit is ready.

Then you can pull of your Project.

Here is a picture of my Project here on my Dashboard Home Page Here.

Semrush On page SEO checker Review


My Years of Hard Work is Paying Off!

Note : I am improving in my skill as an SEO. ” New 2017 ” and ” SHU” are my legacy projects that began when I was not as skilled in content writing and SEO. Not to mention I did not have the focus on my business. Life just got in the way. But I overcame and now I am in what I call the Go Get It phases of my success journey.

Notice that my first two legacy sites which have much more content on it than MAG Time the website I am showing you the results from now also have an uptick in their Site Audit Trend! Some of these trends are due to Semrush.

For instance in the “New 2017” project. I had a lot of broken external links on my website. I had about 37 of them spread across many posts. I have about 80 post on that website maybe more. Semrush showed me exactly where to find those broken links and I got most of them out!

I will be back to get the rest!!!

Furthermore MAG time the website I started in March 2018 teaching how to make money online is at 89% already. It was built strong, built right, and giving more focus. Although not the focus I wanted because life kept getting in the way… But we overcome!!!

These are insights that you cannot always get from yourself. It ‘s nice to have some Nerd friends to create some software to help us get a picture of how we are doing. So we can compare and contrast. Fix whatever problems we have.


STEP 2 in improving your On Page SEO

Ok here is where the information comes crashing down like an Avalanche . I do not want you to get information overload so I will only give you a little bit of what I can see in my Semrush website audit. But of course we want more information than less. So you will love this feature.

Step 2 is the Site Audit Overview Screen. Oooohh. Ha ha!

Exhibit A in your better website rankings! Forgive me I have a comedic mind.


Semrush On page SEO review


Here you will get and overview of both the things that you are doing well and the things that you are doing bad. But mostly the things that you are doing bad. 🙂 .

You will get a graph picture of your progress over the last 7 site audits. I just hooked up MAG to the Site Audit so you are seeing limited bar graph movement on it.

Overview is the Major heading with 5 powerful subheadings for a deep dive on your website seo health.

  1. Issues
  2. Crawled Pages
  3. Statistics
  4. Compare Crawls
  5. Progress


Personally I find the Issues and Statistics Site Audit pages the most interesting. But I learn and apply things on all of them. Of course the Crawled Pages Site Audit section is also very important. Because if Search Engines cannot crawl your website or there are problems with the crawl. This will hurt your site ranking.

Super Awesome features!!!

Next let’s look at Errors, Warnings, and Notices. Looking at your Site Audit use of Red for your on site mistakes you may think your 4th grade teacher Mrs. Vonderklump just signed on to the Semrush team just to mess with you. But chances are no. This is the SEO tools way of getting all the important stuff out in front of you and saying pay attention to this.

Shouts out to Mrs. Vonderklump by the way. She meant well. 🙂

If you hover over the “I” in the circle next to Errors, Warnings, and Notices.


Semrush Seo tool


You will see an explanation of each section. You will see these Information Bubbles all over the site. Which is awesome. I read them once, twice, and over again all the time.


Last Step for your On Page SEO Checking Tool

Again this is only one path of many that you can take with the Semrush SEO program. Try it yourself for free to have fun!!! We have gotten to the On Page Seo Checking tool. WOW!!! This particular web page is pretty well done. So I do not have that many issues. Some of them I knew about and some of them I did not.

The same will be for you. Some things you learn will be new to you and some things will be like what? I had no idea. Which is great!!! You learned something and your site is better for it.

Semrush Free SEO tool trial

Here we see the good, the bad and the ugly on this particular page on my website. If you hit the About button on the right-hand side you will get a detailed explanation of what the information on the Left and the middle is trying to tell you and why it is important.


You see I missed a few things here and there that might move me up a few pages in the search engines. But even greater these things make me a better Content writer and Internet marketer.

In closing Semrush helps us with the site wide and the page by page optimization of all of our website or websites. So that we and our clients can shoot up the page rankings to profitability!!!!

I hope you learned something and enjoyed my review. More great things to come to help you be the best you can be!

Please tell me what you think. Share your experience with Semrush and other SEO tools. Thanks!

Semrush Review: On page Seo Checker with Free Trial

Semrush seo review

Before you purchase the Semrush Keyword Tool and SEO analyzer take a good look at my review. I am about to give you a behind the scenes look of why I love Semrush and can’t see myself going without it.


SEMrush keyword research tool

Semrush fancies itself as an All in One Marketing Toolkit for Professionals. I agree. But not just me. It is trusted by Ebay, Quora, Overstock.com, Booking.com and HP. I call it a good mix between Geeky, Nerdy info bots and Let me show you how hands on and informative. This info and wording is above your head and it ‘s ok. that is why you have us. Let us break it down for you and show you why this is important. Then show you how to fix it!

10 reasons I recommend Semrush Keyword Tool

  • One Click gets you valuable information
  • 7 minute set up gets you a website SEO treasure trove of information
  • Precise information
  • Action Plans for the User
  • Progress Updates
  • Learn SEO techniques while you use the tool
  • Profitable Affiliate Program
  • Social Media Strategy Tool
  • Website Audit
  • Gobs of Valuable Keyword information

10 Reasons and a reminder FREE TRIAL!!!

  • Free Trial!!!!



Semrush is the SEO Chef for your online business:

Do you remember the commercials of the lady or man in the kitchen with the purchased food from a store or restaurant. Their family or guest are in the living room waiting for them to bring dinner out so that they can eat. The person comes out of the kitchen with their Chef apron on seemingly wiping sweat off of their forehead to bring the store bought chicken, macaroni and cheese, and green beans out to the dinner table.

Wow you must of worked hard on this the guest would say.

Oh yes but it was worth it. You all enjoy. 🙂

They all sit down and eat not knowing that there is a chef behind the chef.

Well Semrush is indeed the Search Engine Optimization Leaders helping us Content and Internet Marketing leaders to look good in front of our audiences. You better believe there is no substitute for hard work. We still need to put in the elbow greece.

Let’s just say that Semrush iron ‘s out the wrinkles of our website! Looking good

Details below

Free Trial of Semrush!!! Free 14 day trial of Semrush.

My advice: Bookmark my website for my Semrush tutorials and reviews of all the major features of Semrush. Try the Semrush free trial and if you have any questions come back to Marketing Gems and find your answers.

I am here to help you as well. Just leave a message on one of my post and I will get back to you asap. Thanks!


Hello my name is Cedric. I have 8 years of SEO experience. I know a lot more than your average bear. I am sharing with you things that I am learning and know.

My website SEO stats include over 26 websites managed. One of my sites has over 500 Organic visits per month. This while being an internet marketer in my free time.

As I have gotten more and more deep into my field. I have acquired a lot of knowledge and great tools. Semrush is one of the most interesting, fun, and useful of these tools.

As I progress more into helping others to build an online presence by boosting their Search Engine optimization Semrush will be even more important to me.


Anyone who will allow you to try something for free is confident that you will like it! I know this because I am offering my Health and Wellness customers free Iaso Tea with their qualified purchase. Ok, my offer is on the backside of the purchase and not the front side like Semrush.

I don ‘t have the resources of Semrush as yet. But if I keep using Semrush maybe I will 🙂 . I have big plans for it.

Let me share with you why I am so excited. The more I use it the more I LOVE IT!!!


Semrush review and Free Trial


Semrush Review

On page SEO Checker with Free Trial


Great tools like the Semrush keyword and SEO tool can be a little pricey. But if you are serious about making money online. This is a great add on to your business. You get to try Semrush now for free. The last time I checked there is nothing better than free and right now!

I tried Semrush for free over a year ago. I am just not getting the most out of my Subscription . In this article I am going to share some great features of this SEO application that will help you to better your website rankings. I am loving my Semrush partnership because it is helping me to keep track of my 26 websites on a site wide and a page by page basis.

When you ride in an Uber or Lyft you get a great deal for your investment. You are paying for the technology and the service. Well in the same way I am thankful for the awesome technology and the tools that make my job as an internet marketer so much easier and more effective.

But not just that I am excited that as I expand into SEO consulting and Internet Marketing training Semrush is going to be right by my side to help me carry the load.

Semrush purchase is about the value of things you need. A natural progression. I am about to show you that I know what I am doing. But I can still learn more. SemRush is a big boy and girl application to help us as internet marketers. So when it tells me I have done something well I know I have. When it tells me I need work in something. I trust it.


A Little Background

SemRush SEO Projects

I can do 5 projects a month with Semrush with the $99 package that I have. The projects are a deep dive on keyword research, website audit, social media sharing and effectiveness, website errors and SEO awareness and fixes.

So today in the natural progression of building out my website and ranking.my articles. I go to SemRush to see if there are any suggestions that it has for one of my projects. Which is my marketing site where I share tips, resources, and ideas of how to make money online.

So I pull up my post in my site manager. I use a type of WordPress. Then I pull up Semrush to take a peak. I am a veteran so I already have my strategy of how I want to Supersize this post. I was in rush mode. So I did not give it the love I wanted too. Time to go back and do it like we do it!

SemRush and You: The Perfect Team


But the wise always try to get a consultant. SemRush is that consultant for your website. Or the website of your customers.

You will be the expert! You will have the AI working for you. The Semrush system will crawl your site constantly and give you an update. It will give you recommendations. It will explain to you exactly why. So all the work is done for you practically.

You have your knowledge and customer service skills to clean up what the Ai misses. To explain everything to your client.

If Semrush is helping you with your own website. Then you take the information and implement it on your end the way that you see fit.

This is how the SEO Tool Works

  • Website Audit
  • Website tracking
  • Broken Links
  • SEO problem solver
  • GPS for your website
  • Tell you where you are
  • Tell you where you need to be
  • Tell you how to get there
  • You will learn about SEO by using this program
  • But you will still need a great tool like Semrush
  • Why? As your site grows you will not be able to keep up with all the information and the problems alone
  • Semrush is less expensive and more accurate than your friend Joe the Michael Bolton fan

Hire him or Semrush for SEO help


Semrush? Ok, great here is a few more reasons to pick Semrush over Joe ha-ha!

  • You will get great content ideas
  • Great keyword research tool
  • You can make money with Semrush if you help others with their marketing, Site Audits, Keyword research, SEO improvements
  • You stick their website in the Semrush system. In seconds Semrush spits out info
  • Other things take days to get a good picture.
  • Monitor , Monitor, Tweak Tweak
  • You can make money as an Affiliate as well
  • If you miss a payment you still have limited access


If you don’t feel confident in what you are doing I can help you. If you feel confident in what your doing I could still help you.

If you don’t know anything about websites, building an online presence and seo I can help you.

If you know something about websites, building and online presence and seo I can help you.

I would love to help you with mentorship, tools, tips, and advice.


Thanks for checking out my first review of Semrush. More detailed deep dives on how to use Semrush and how to rank your website and pages higher!!!


Business Psychology: Follow Your Dreams

Business Psychology: Follow Your Dreams


Business Psychology Focus for this Post:

” If you can find a way to make your business fun you can make a lot of money. If you can find a way to make your blog fun!!! You can make a lot of money. ”

Nuts and Bolts Reason Why the Money will Come: You will flood the Search Engines with awesome Keywords that Connect with People!

The Back Story: So I am pulling up to my home and I am excited to work on my new blog about Football. I was making something that I love work in a way. Or I could maybe say I was frustrated that I did not have enough time outside of my other obligations to do what I wanted with my new Football website.

Today I told myself. Don’t force it. You are going to make your life miserable and add stress to your life. Not good for your life or your home business. Great advice to myself and to you out there listening to me.

The other part of my message came tonight when I pulled up to my home after work. It is the culmination of other things that I knew and experienced. That is that in your business, blog, and website you need to follow your heart and what you enjoy. Make it your website. It does not need to be like someone else’s. They already go that covered.

If you are in the grocery business don ‘t try to be like Walmart. They have that covered. Why not be Target an be different yet great. They are doing their own thing very well. If you are in the coffee business don ‘t try to be like Starbucks. They got that covered. Be Organo Gold be different and be great!!!

I am going to help you to build a super business that will bless you, your family, your community and the world! By combining Business Psychology with Online Business building blocks. The nuts and bolts of Search Engine Optimization aka how to build an online presence where Google likes your websites and visitors find great value from your blog or website.

There is almost no need to build a website unless Search Engines are going to showcase it. This is one of the best ways to do it.


Princeton Study that supports the thought that if you love what you do this Correlates to earning more money. So I say LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!!!

Love What You Do and Make Money Online in Internet Marketing: Business Psychology


If you can find a way to make your business fun you can make a lot of money. If you can find a way to make your blog fun!!! You can make a lot of money.

You will be more authentic… You will work more. Work is not work it is fun. Have you ever heard successful people say that. I am having fun in what I do. I get paid for what I love! This is very true.

Not needed all the time. But why not? What if you could get paid for what you love?

The explosion in e commerce and internet marketing has enabled us the ability for the average person to get online with a blog or website and make money online by simply being themselves It is like their own private Reality show or Social network centered around what they like, love, or do.

What is the Point:

If you enjoy it you will do it more. It is like having a health shake that taste dreadful. Your not going to drink it so what is the purpose of buying it. Buy a health drink or shake. or make a health drink that taste ok, or good, or great! Then you will drink it every day!

So what is the point of going to a business that you hate every day. For online marketers that means getting online and working on a website that you hate. Or you have to find inspiration to work on.

Sometimes that happens… But if that is what happens half the time or most of the time there could be a problem.

Keywords: Content is King

When you enjoy something guess what? You will do it more! That means you are going to write in your blog more. That means more keywords. That means more great ideas for your website. That means more creativity.

That means better writing, better pictures, better videos. Better podcast. Better information.

That means when you interact with people to help them online or in person things will go by smoother and you will be able to help them more and extend the effectiveness and the longevity of your business and personal fulfillment.

EVOLUTION of your Business, Blog, Website


You might start your blogging or website journey and discover that this is not what you want to write about every day or week. Or you are not interested in learning more about a subject and becoming an expert. So you may decide to start another website in another subject matter or niche.

Case in point: My Website evolution. I started out with Health and Wellness and Beauty websites. I love those websites still to this day. And they are doing pretty well for me. But I stopped building content on them and the traffic fell off. I lost the passion to work on them because life took such a big toll on my business. Perfect world I would of blew those sites off the wall!!!! But the world is not perfect.

I needed to find a niche and a website where I could just sit down and write for an hour or two and spit out 3000 words. I have done that with my faith, political, marketing and football websites!!!! Eazy peazy. I could talk about those things in details for hours. I have great knowledge of them. Great passion and I want to know more.

The incredible part was I was not working on my faith as much and they were doing so great. So what If I gave them the time of day!!! So now I am putting the time into those sites as needed. Give me 6-12 months. They are going to explode!!!! Furthermore, I had not started my Business focused site. I did that in March. It is doing well thus far. My sports sites and other passion focused sites I have just started or starting are going to be so super!!! I can tell at the early stages. It feels different and they are getting great responses from Google and visitors!!!

As my business refocuses and evolves. As your business refocuses and evolves your business will explode!!!

Business Psychology and Business Nuts and Bolts is what we are talking about here.

So more writing means more keywords. More frequency which is important on some level. It can be very important on others. But it comes back to more keywords. More interesting. More helpful. and more Unique.

This is all important parts of Googles and Search Engines formula to deliver site rankings. Which is what you need to make money online.

Passion is what you need to build your website or blog before the money comes!!!

If you find something you love that is when the money comes in!!!

Why I love Wealthy Affiliate

So what do you do until you find what you love? You might call it practice or experimenting, or a learning curve, or a fall, failure, or a loss. Whatever you call it . It is best to get it out of the way and make it as less expensive and costly time, energy wise and human treasure wise.

Any successful person will tell you that this Proof of Concept stage and persistent, and resilient time of a business person’s success journey is very important. It will make or break some people ‘s dreams or endeavors.

So incomes Wealthy Affiliate: I love it because

Great for beginners. Great for people who need time to explore in their learning curve. Like a fish swimming around in water. Just going around and around looking, exploring, taking time to curious. Yes I like that. No I don’t like that.

Yes I am good at that no I am not good at that.

Yes I am willing to learn that No I do not want to learn that.

With Wealthy Affiliate you are able to build up to 25 websites. I needed that. You may not need that. Most people do not. But for ONE low price I was able to build 25 websites.

I do not know any other place online that will allow you to do that.

Wealthy Affiliate is one hosting company that I do business with. There are many other good ones that I enjoy. WP Engine is the other great hosting company I love for a different reason. Find that out here.

But what I love about Wealthy Affiliate it allows you to grow, learn, and love in your business. Sometimes we need to fail first in order to succeed. Another very important part of Business Psychology that we need to understand in order to be successful.


How to work from home in Online marketing

This paragraph below is lifted from my 8 Hours 8 Reasons section further down in this article. Please be sure to read it to get the power of this article! I wanted to give you a small taste of what is needed to succeed in Home Business but not just home business but specifically Online Marketing:

I call this Business Psychology:

The thought process one must have to succeed in Business

This is how we prevent ourselves from being an unpaid Self Employed Internet Marketer.

How to succeed at Online Marketing

How to succeed at Online Marketing








Treat your business BETTER or at least JUST AS GOOD as you did your job, your boss, or the millionaire who gave you a job:

8 Hours and 8 Reasons to be the King or Queen of your Time

  1. If you can work for an hour for your boss you can write for an hour for yourself
  2. If you can work for an hour for a millionaire you can train for an hour for yourself

How To Work From Home


This is not going to be a boring talk about Online Marketing and how to run a Home Business, oh no. Go down a little and I am going to compare you to either Jerry Rice or Randy Moss. Or Martha Stewart or a regular Jane from down the street. All the while sharing with you some powerful things that I have both learned in life and home business and noticed from very successful people.

Hello my name is Cedric and I want to encourage you and give you a perspective on life and home business that might just change your life.

Treat your business BETTER or at least JUST AS GOOD as you did your job, your boss, the millionaire who gave you a job.

8 Hours and 8 Reasons to be the King or Queen of your Time

If you can work for an hour for your boss you can write for an hour for yourself


Be the King/Queen of Your Time: Work From Home


Jerry Rice vs Randy Moss

Martha Stewart vs Jane

The Opening Picture before the Profound Message of being the King of Your Time!

Jerry Rice is the ex NFL football player known as the best Wide Receiver ever since I was a child and still today as I am 41. Jerry Rice is known as a player who did not have all the blazing physical attributes like speed that you would think of when you think of the when you say the best wide receiver ever. But what he did have is what we who work from home in Online Marketing need to understand. He had had the best work ethic and passion for the game that he played. He played for 20 years which is very rare for a football player. Even in his last years he was a productive player. Simply amazing.

Even more amazing Jerry Rice suffered a knee injury a little over the prime of his career. Ironically it was running the football which is not his job description as a Wide Receiver. But Jerry Rice bounced back and played for 7 more NFL seasons at a very high level.

In contrast although Randy Moss athletic skills were far greater than Jerry Rice. His production, worth ethic, and passion were no where near that of Jerry Rice. Although Randy Moss is a Hall of Fame player I am using him as an example of what we do not want to do when working from Home. We do not want to have lots of talent and potential and not give it our all and have a bad name.

Men we need to have the Passion and work ethic of Jerry Rice! We need to knock down the walls that are before us and do NOT take no for an answer.

LADIES It’s Your Turn

Ladies do you want to be Martha Stewart who put in the time and took risk or do you want to be just an average Jane who likes what-nots? Nothing wrong with being Jane with the nice house and the cool what-not collection!!!

That lady you know who knows how to cook and interior decorate like nobodies business. That is awesome! But if you are going to work from home in online marketing you are going to need that fierce go getter attitude that will say I can take on Martha Stewart one day. Or not. But I am going to work so hard and value my time so much that I will make Martha smile, nod and say go girl!!!

What is the difference between these two examples that I am giving to peek the interest of both my male and female audience.

The answer is TIME!!! Nothing against the other two. But Jerry Rice and Martha Stewart understood time. Want to be like Jerry Rice and Martha Stewart living their best life? I do!!! We have to understand the Time.


Opening Thoughts and Why you MUST read this Article!!!

If you are looking to open a home business any home business this website is a great place to start. With years of experience working from home and building a home business I can help you to figure out the secret sauce that will lead to success for your business.

It took me years to understand this but people who are successful early in their business understand this right away. So the question is do you want to be successful early, late, or never? How you understand time, value time, and use your time will determine your success, when your success comes, and how successful you are.

This article is written to people who are either working in Online Marketing from home or are looking to work from home as an Online Marketer. But this information is transferable to any business but is especially important for people who work from home!

I will be sharing how to get Time on your side by :

  • Understand Time
  • Put a Value on Time
  • Use your Time
  • Compare and Contrast Business time to Working for a Boss Time
  • Create Time
  • Enjoy your TIME!!!!


How To Work From Home in Online Marketing


It is a very attractive goal to work from home in this day and age of Uber, Lyft, Multi Level Marketing Business, internet e-commerce boom, and the gig economy. Many people have the education levels to feel confident that they can make it on their own outside of the normal economy. They also have the ambition to do more than just go into work and punch a clock. They have the drive to start their own business. They may know someone in their family, a high school or college classmate who works from home, or even an ex coworker who left their job and created a website that is earning money online.

Now that will really get you to thinking about giving online marketing a try. The guy or girl that you used to work with is sipping lattes at Starbucks with their laptops working on their next project to post on their website. While you are grabbing your Latte to go so that you can get to work on time.

Wait a minute Time…. Time…. Time is the key. That is what I want to talk about today as we talk about How to Work From Home in Online Marketing. So that you can get the time that you want to have to enjoy your life, use your talents, enjoy your family, and GET COMPENSATED the way you want!!!



If you do not know what Online marketing is, go down further in my article and find the definition. But really what I am saying applies to any work from home business not just Online Marketing. Just change the actions that I mention below but the Concept is what is important and profound.

Understanding the Concept of Time and how we use and value our time, energy and effort is a part of the process of the Success.




The important thing to understand when going in business for yourself and working from home is that we have to choose to be Super or to be normal. So what is Super and what is normal? Either your going to be a Super successful entrepreneur who is on a paid vacation all year or you are going to be a Normal person who has a normal job. There is nothing wrong with either. But the question is what do you and I want to be?

I started this website Marketing Affiliate Gems in March of this year and it has been a roller coaster. You bet that life got in the way. For that I do not apologize I had to learn how to put my personal life in order. Once I did I had free time but I was not as productive as I would have liked. I had to learn how to be the King of my own time.

That is what we are really talking about here. Do you and I want to be the King and the Queen of our own time.

I am glad to say despite the fact that I have not put in the time on my website that I wanted at the outset I have done a great job with what I have done. My website is doing well and I am on my way to making a major impact on Google Search queries. Not bad for 7 months since going live and going through some serious personal obstacles!

Back to our two examples above. Jerry Rice vs Randy Moss and Martha Stewart vs Jane down the street. What is the difference these 4? Jerry Rice and Martha Stewart made a decision that they were going to do what it took to be the best at their craft and jump through all the hoops.

Randy Moss and Jane only wanted so much. Yes they are great in their own way. But they are not known as the best. Maybe a better example would be not to use Randy Moss as Jerry Rice ‘s competitor but that guy in the neighborhood who should of ran track or played football but did not even go to school. But it is much more fun to use Randy Moss 🙂 .



How do you manage your time in the most effective way? How do you get paid for your time if you are not a W-2 employee but instead are a Form 1040 or Form 1099 self-employed individual. Some entrepreneurs are not getting paid day to day.

So this how we prevent ourselves from being an unpaid Self Employed Internet Marketer.

Treat your business BETTER or at least JUST AS GOOD as you did your job, your boss, the millionaire who gave you a job.

8 Hours and 8 Reasons to be the King or Queen of your Time

  1. If you can work for an hour for your boss you can write for an hour for yourself
  2. If you can work for an hour for a millionaire you can train for an hour for yourself
  3. If you can work for an hour for your boss you can research for an hour for your website
  4. If you can stand for 6 hours handling the mess ups the company you work for you can sit for a few hours figuring out how to give great customer care to your own customers
  5. If you can work for 4 hours for someone else you can work for yourself for 3 more hoursafter you write for an hour.
  6. If you can show up for work on time for your boss than you can consistently work in your Home business for your Family
  7. If you can work while your sick for your Boss you can stay home and take a break when your sick and a Success Online Marketer
  8. If you can give the company you work for some faceless CEO 110% than you give your business 110% working for… insert your face in the mirror and the faces of your children, your dreams, and your charities.

Do that 5 days a week. and take those two days off. You will be Super.

After writing content for at least one hour a day. ( The minimum) . Note the time will vary of your content writing. The time will fly by and you will get better and better and grow your endurance. Don ‘t sweat it. But compare and contrast the time that you give your boss, your company and others to the time you give yourself and your family!

Use some of the other 4-7 hours learning and applying skills, networking,doing the basics of your business and trying something new.

In 6-12 months you will begin to make income!!!

You will be able to work fewer hours a day if you choose. But we will never get away from working hard and working smart if we want to continue to make sufficient money from home to be our own boss. Setting up that Residual income that we are all looking for!


When you see Jerry Rice vs Randy Moss. Moss is obvious the faster more athletic person. But yet Jerry Rice played much longer and did much more.



The Art of Delayed Gratification and Home Business Success

Three things that you will have to have if you are going to kick butt as an Internet marketer is Delayed Gratification, Self denial, and Discipline. Going right along with being the King and Queen of your time is being the King and Queen of patience and the creature comforts of home that are always right at your fingertips as a stay at home Online Marketer.

Yeahhhh treat your business like a million dollar business. Treat it like a job and punch the clock every day for yourself. I knew that and I believed that. But it took me a long time to really get to that point. Sometimes it takes time for what is in our mind and heart to come down to Earth. But we must understand that it has too. It just has too! Unless you just want to spin your wheels and be an almost success without the fruits of success.

Keep on pushing toward having that mindset of delayed gratification, self-denial, and Soldier like discipline. SIR YES SIR!!! Sorry the ex soldier coming out of me 🙂 .

Take a seat and tell yourself to have a snickers. You have to be your own drill Sergeant. Let yourself know that this is going to be some time to plant the sseds of success, water them, nurture them, harvest them and get them to market.

Master Self Confidence in your road to Self Governance

If you are asking How can I work from home in Online Marketing? I would tell you that you are going to learn to Master Self Confidence. You are going to have to believe that you are good enough, smart enough and dag on people like you. Chuckles…. Ok Stewart Smiley!!!

You are going to need that self-confidence in the awesome gifts that you have that God gave you. Your were born to be a success. You are going to have to believe that there is some Business dog in you. Because if you look at most successful business owners I think you will find that they have a dog in them that says go and hunt.

That dog might come out in different ways but that dog has to be there. There can be many obstacles to success and there is much competition along the way. So you have to have self-confidence in order to work from home in Online Marketing.

Self Motivation as the CEO of your Life and Business

So what exactly is going to motivate you when things get hard in your business? Or when people tell you that you will never succeed, when there are no sales, no websites visitors, and it is time to go to work in your business. The person without motivation will either quit, slow down, turn back, settle for less or dribble the time out until their business collapses. They will accept the new normal. Hey this is just too hard and I don ‘t want to invest the time and energy that I used too.

This is when your Self Motivation skills and spirit inside of your must kick in. I can do it! I will do it! I will not stop! I will adjust, I will modify, I will evolve, I will get smarter, wiser, work harder, and I will NOT STOP!!!

It ‘s Ok To Slow Down and Rest

Finally, don’t let all this being the King and Queen of your Time and Destiny stuff go too far. We are still human beings being shaped into Champions. Being in business for ourselves is a marathon. Sometimes we slow down and just plain fall on our face. You might even turn back. Only to realize hey this is not right. I know what happened. I just need to tweak my life and thinking a little bit. Change my tactics or strategy in this case and this situation.

In that marathon you might get tired and discouraged. You might want to stop and quit. It is ok to take a self assessment and to take a break. The important thing is that you know that this is just a period where you need to take a break. Maybe one week, one month, or a season. It is up to you. You are in business for your success. The Champion withing you will call you back to your home business. Your goals, your dreams and your passion for the important things in your life will draw you back.

So work hard, work smart, know yourself, and be realistic. We should have about 90% dog in us and 10% hey I am human dude. Celebrate my humanity. Aka deal with it 🙂 .

What is Online Marketing?

The elephant in the room is finding a way to earn enough income online to work from home. I address this in many ways throughout this website. But we cannot address the elephant without first knowing what room the Online Marketing Pro is in. What is Online Marketing anyway. I will briefly explain it so we can get back to the main thing that I want to help my fellow Entrepreneurs and Business Sharks with and that is how to manage your time and how to create time as an Online Marketer working from home.

Online Marketing is simply the art of using the internet and usually a personal or business website to sell products or ad space online. Taking marketing from the brick and mortar stores and placing both the market and the marketing online so that shoppers and others businesses that need your product or service can get what they are looking for.

I like to say that being an Online Marketer is simply like putting an I am open for Business sign Online. Only this is usually done with Google, Bing, Yahoo and social networks when people are looking for goods and services.

Much Success To You in your Home Business!

I believe in you and I look forward in you finding your success. The journey is a part of the melody of your success symphony. You will cherish that fact that you put so much of your time and energy into your business instead of someone else s business for a change.


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Cash App Review

Other Great Uses of the Cash App

While I was doing some research on what you can do with the Cash app I was pleasantly surprised. There are many applications that you can use with your friends and family members when out on the town, sharing an Uber or Lyft, or sending money to a loved one without any fees.

Let ‘s say that you are out with some friends and a pal leaves his wallet at home. You end up paying his way into the movies and buying popcorn and his favorite drink. He ‘s your best bud but he owes you 30 big ones. If you both have the cash app he can load some money on his cash app with his bank account or other sources of funds. Then he can transfer the money to your you using the Cash App. Debt paid no cash has to change hands.

It is just that easy and quick!


Try the Cash App instead of This!

PayPal Alternative


The Cash App is a great way alternative to PayPal. Although I love using PayPal there can be fees associated with using it for person to person transactions. The Cash app is great because there are no fees to transfer money. So whether you are doing one transaction with your sister or 10 per year with you son in college who needs a little extra dough to get through the semester. You can use the Cash App for your needs.


Cash App Referral Cash

Cash App Safety Features


One of the great things about the Cash App is the safety features. They go to the extra mile to ensure that when you log on into your account that you are who you say you are. This is the extra piece of mind we are looking for when dealing with our money in this tech world.

If you have any questions or comment about the Cash App please leave them below.

Also share any other cool apps that you know of with me. I will be happy to do a review on it. Thanks!


$5 Cash App Refer a friend offer

Best Website Builder

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Wealthy Affiliate gives all you need to create a successful online business all in one place. Website Builder, Extensive online marketing education, Training, Mentorship, Seo resources , MORE!

Your Introduction to the world: The Best Website Builders and Special Deals


Welcome to my presentation of the Best Website Builders and Special Deals. Here I will feature the top companies in the game like Godaddy, Wealthy Affiliate, Shopify and Wix. For two long the world has been deprived of YOUR WEBSITE! The world has been looking for your thoughts, your products, your business, your pictures, your videos, your ideas, your family, your spunk, and your fun!

Furthermore I want to encourage you to take advantage of the great opportunity to increase your income and change your lifestyle by creating an online e-commerce shop, blog, or niche website. The money being made online is unbelievably incredible I would say it is INSANE. According to https://www.statista.com Desktop Retail E-commerce sales or the amount that people spent in online shopping was a whopping 335 Billion Dollars .

Building your own website is a gateway to capturing your piece of this every growing online business pie.

Who knew that their expression of themselves , what they like, what they care about, and what they are interested in would be so valuable and sought after? As well as so easy to put in one place and market? Well Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest . But who is counting them ha-ha?

The power of the online market of people searching for goods and services combined with the ever growing and effective Social Networking capabilities and business outreach. Means that the all you have to do is carve your own niche in the online marketplace.

The knowledge and power that I have to share today is that the average person is sitting on a gold mine. Your life, your thoughts, your family and your fun is a real life Reality Tv show that people have been waiting to find out about! In the online world if done right this interest in what you bring to the table translates to monthly income that can be very considerable.


I created this website Marketing Affiliate Gems in order to share my love and knowledge of Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Home Business with the world. Also, to make extra money and later replace my current monthly income. The fun, challenge, and change in my outlook on life that creating my own website has giving me is unexplainable.

The new hope that I have of creating the type of income and time that I could never of dreamed of working for someone else. By creating my own website a whole new world has opened up for me. It is not easy but it also is not hard. I am on my way to making great money online.

So I am encouraging you to do the same. Start your journey by creating a website of your choice. Let me share some stats and general ideas of why I think everyone should have a website.

Online Income with Your Name on It : Gold Rush


Make no mistake making your own mark on the internet and getting a piece of the online pie is not easy. But I am here to tell you that you can do it with the right education and partners. Many of these online website builders also come with aids in learning how to market your site online.

Combined with your diligent and precise effort and talent your website will be a like a spider ‘s web catching the online gold rush that is coming in every year by the Billions.

In Closing: We want to Hear from You! 

I hoped this was a great way for your to access the best website builders to start or enhance your online business. If you know of any other great website creation companies please let me know.

Also share with us what you like about these companies mentioned


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