My Wealthy Affiliate Business Review Pt. 1 : How To Build an Online Business ONCE, Step by Step

SPC Powell Reporting For Duty, Salute!!!

Hello this is Cedric Powell formerly known as Specialist Powell in the United States Army. I am writing to you today because you have chosen to Enlist in the Millions of People who are making a living Selling products and services Online. Making Billions of dollars every year. Big Business, Medium sized business, Small businesses and Single entity Entrepreneurs like myself.

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” I try to work on all aspects of my game, whether it be run, pass. I think you can never stop growing, and I definitely take that mindset. You’ve just got to keep on grinding. Ex All Pro D’Brickashaw Ferguson NFL Football Player – Courtesy of Growth Mindset Quotes

  • Discipline
  • Training
  • Mistakes
  • Hard Work
  • Pain
  • Time
  • Indivilualism
  • Sacrifice
  • Long Term Perspective
  • Passion
  • Goals
  • Business Intelligence aka Curiosty Search, Be willing to Seek, Find, and Apply Information

Whether you build your Online Presence with Wealthy Affiliate or with any other Web presence company one thing is for sure. If you are going to make an ongoing Monthly income online you are going to have to put in some Hard Work. You are going to have to be disciplined. You are going to have to be trained by the best.

My title as a Specialist in the U.S Army was an appropriate one for what we do to Build a Website presence and convert visitors online. Because you and I have to be a Specialist. I will share with you during this Wealthy Affiliate Review how to specialize in your chosen Niche or Market

My dad encouraged us to fail. Growing up, he would ask us what we failed at that week. If we didn’t have something, he would be disappointed. It changed my mindset at an early age that failure is not the outcome, failure is not trying. Don’t be afraid to fail. Sara Blakely –Growth Mindset Quotes

My Pain, Your Gain! As an Army Veteran I will tell you that there are many parallels to being an Army Solider and training to be a part of a Winning Team to being a Successful Online Marketing. Although I have many successes in my time as an Online Marketer I have also made many mistakes.

So I am going to show you the Right Way from what I have learned in my years of experience, success, and failures. What I have learned from the Successful and from those who quit and did not make money online. This song that they are singing while Training at Fort Jackson is the same song that I used to sing while running, sweating, and going through lots of pain in order to get my body in shape to be the best Solider I could be.

Why? There are many enemies out there who are doing the Same thing.

I am writing this Many Part Wealthy Affiliate Business Review as a Reboot of my business. You see I was too busy with life to do it right the FIRST TIME. It happens. Some would say you have to fail in life and business in order to be a success. Well I am going to show you how to do it the right way.

Step by Step, but without being a Robot. You are going to still need to be yourself. Your favorite artist may be innovative. But they are still using words or strings to make the crowd go wild. Your favorite Sports player may be the Best ever, but he or she is still playing with a Ball just like everyone else.

So there are certain things that are baseline to success. But you being an Unique individual is one of those things. So I will share with you how to do both.

Wealthy Affiliate is great at teaching you the Baseline. Great with Tools and Resources. Great with Mentorship and Training. But you do not need to follow these processes to be successful. You can create a website with Weebly, Wix, Godaddy, WP Engine,  Shopify or many other platforms and be successful.

But let ‘s just say because of the 4 Big Obstacles to Making Money Online that I list below. I suggest learning Step by Step how to Create A Website and Build your Online Business ONCE.

Building Your Online Business: You are going to have to be dedicated. You are going to have to be in it for the long haul. You are going to want to sacrifice whatever it takes to build your business. Why?

You only want to build your business ONCE. By following a Step by Step systematic process that will lead to Success Online. To get you through this gauntlet of Online Business Income Creation. You are armed with Passion, Goals, Needs, and Desires that every human has inside of them.

Intelligence: You are going to need intelligence. That means you are going to have to get some inside information. Learning about the process, Learning about the tools and resources, Learning about what your competition is doing. Learning about your Niche and Chosen Business Market.

Are you willing to do research? Are you willing to put in the time? Are you willing to do some Reading? Are you good at not jumping in head first all the time and Observing what is going on around you at least a little.

If you put all of this together than you will have what it takes to make a living Working from Home instead of working for another person.

But beware, This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme. What I am explaining to you is hard in a sense. There are powerful Obstacles to making Money Online.

The 4 Biggest Obstacles To Making Money Online Are:

  1. Compettion
  2. SEO Standards
  3. Keyword Seeding
  4. Site Visitor Conversion Percentages
  5. Your Willingness to be an Online Soldier

So let ‘s go through this Training Together!

I am going to go through this training Step by Step using all that have learned as a Soldier in the Army. For you it may be your experience as a Mother or Father. Or your experience as a School Teacher, a Public servant, or a Charity organizer. Whatever you are drawing from! Pull on it.

It is all transferable to your new life as an Online Entrepreneur!

6 thoughts on “My Wealthy Affiliate Business Review Pt. 1 : How To Build an Online Business ONCE, Step by Step”

  1. Hi! I really liked your approach. Mentioning this parallel between being an army Army Solider and being successful at online marketing has been very useful. I like to read, and I have always understood the importance of training and working out. So, training and working hard on our website will be needed ingredients to succeed online.

    • Hello Henry! Why thank you. I have certainly found out that the hard work and discipline of a Soldier is needed to be successful online! 

      I am glad that you lightened up a little for us. lol. Working out is another great analogy. People might not like doing it. But they love being healthy and looking good. 

      No pain no gain right! 

      Building a website and online business is just that. A routine of hard work , smarts, and success. Training and reward! Be blessed Henry! Thanks for stopping by 

  2. First of all, I just MUST say that I love your writing style!  Sir!  Yes, Sir!  I have read so many dry editorials that your tone that you adopted from being in the military makes this a fun read but it still stays very informative.

    You also don’t soft pedal things.  Making money doesn’t come easy and you list what is needed as a person in order to succeed with Wealthy Affiliates – or in life, frankly!  You put it all out there and then you leave the reader wanting more.  I love your tag line near the end, “So let ‘s go through this Training Together!”  It makes me want to read your next blog on this topic to find out more.

    The succinct call to action will get people interested and keep them coming back.  That, to me, is the secret to the success of a great blog post!

    • Lolll!! Hello Feochadan that is so nice of you to say. That really pumps me up and encourages me to do even better. I am so blessed in life despite what I have been through . I am pushing on and trying to be the best that I can be while helping other. 

      Sharing my experiences in hope of a better life while helping others to have a better life! This was very fun to write. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the tips and the laughs! 

      Eye Eye Maam!!! 🙂 

  3. It is a given to all aspiring online entrepreneurs to face so many challenges. The reality is we need a lot of patience to do what is required for as long as it takes, till we get our desired goals. The bottom line for all these is to actualize our aspirations. One of these is to write and contribute to anything especially our interest and passion that could earn passive income. tMany of us are into this because we want to erase our financial worries. However, as you said, it is hard work and discipline. It doesn’t come easy otherwise it will be common for the majority of the guys in the business online like wealthy affiliate to be all millionaires. The truth is we have to really work hard and make your work filled with substance and credible contents not once a month but as many inputs
    as possible every day. It will be an advantage if one has a flair or passion or both in writing blogs, training, or whatever is needed to be written.

    • Hello Florentino! Very very well said my brother. You hit on some very key things. Our passion is very important. As well as our what we call Elbow Grease. Getting those elbows moving means that we are working diligently. But also not just working hard but working smart!


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