Uber and Lyft Driver Strike

Pay Cuts? Don ‘t spin your wheels with Uber, Instead burn rubber with Wealthy Affiliate

Have a side gig for your side gig ” Cedric

Look for my other tips and pearls of wisdom about Ride sharing in this Post.

I have some heartfelt and educated thoughts on Uber, Lyft and Ride sharing drivers. The future of the business and what all involved need to be doing right now.

But get this y’all. Uber is not making money. Lyft is not making money.

Uber and Lyft needs to Charge more for their services

Drivers need to get a grip and get a better personal Economic plan

Frustrated Drivers are not Typical as far as I know, but squeaky wheels can get contagious

This post is inspired by this news report about frustrated Uber Drivers. This is a quote from the article

Frustrated Uber Drivers Strike

“This is the only job I’ve ever had that the longer I do it the less I make,” Esterphainie Jeanne St. Juste said. “We put thousands of miles on our vehicles every month providing rides, and the companies aren’t there when your tires need replacing. We’re not trying to do this for free, but that’s what it’s starting to feel like.”

My advice, Don ‘t spin your wheels with Uber, Instead burn rubber!!!!

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Pay Cuts? Don ‘t spin your wheels with Uber, Instead burn rubber with Wealthy Affiliate 

This past Saturnday Night while doing some Uber runs. I took a break at a Shell gas station to get some gas and some snacks. While in the gas station I heard a fellow Uber driver talking to the cashier. She was saying how Uber was paying less and how it was unfair. The cashier was very attentive and I must admit so was I.

I wanted to hear what she felt about being an Uber driver. I care about how she feels. I am non-judgemental. But at the end of the day I just got back in my car and I was unchanged. I was going to talk to her but I was unsure if what I would say would change her perspective.

Some people are just set on how they feel. She got back in her car and I got in mine. The rest of my night was great! I did a few more rides and went home. I had a game plan. This website that I love that I created with Wealthy Affiliate is a part of that game plan.

I am not dependent on Uber. So the money I make with Uber is gravy not the Steak. More and more I need Uber less and less. I actually thought about quitting Uber several times for various reasons. But one thing I know is being dependent on Ride sharing companies is not a long term play.

Uber and Lyft Driver Pay

Listen to a Typical Conversation with one of my Riders. A good way to convey my Ride sharing Philosophy

A typical ride with one of my Ride sharing passengers sums up this article of truth, advice, and personal empowerment. Many times my conversations with my customers go like this.

Customer: So how do you like Uber?

Me : It is cool, It fits into my schedule and it supplements my income. You have to learn how to work it without spinning your wheels. Meaning if your not careful you can be out here not making money. Or making money and spending it all at the same time.

It takes you a few weeks sometimes to figure out how to make it work for you while being a great asset to Uber/Lyft and doing a great job for your customers.

But what I tell people is, If you need the money it can be tough. Because business can be unpredictable. Lots of variables. So don ‘t be in a position that you need the money. Use it as a supplement or an extra to what you are already doing.

I use it for what it is worth. A side gig. So yes I really like it.

Customer: Do you do this full time?

Me: Yes this is my ” Full Time job ” air quotes. It supplements my income, I don ‘t have a job otherwise. But this is only temporary for me. I hope for most people it is only temporary.

Have you heard about the Self Driving Cars?

Customer: No I haven’t?

Me: Yes they are coming along pretty quickly. I think they will be replacing us anyway. This is good for the time being. But personally I do not think this is a great long term play for several reasons.

But it is great as a side gig!

Side Note and Translation: DON ‘T MAKE UBER/ LYFT your full time and only income. Without having a serious economic and Ride sharing plan to make it so.

My must also say that I did not like it as much when I was behind on my bills or I got into a fight with my wife. But that was not Uber and Lyft ‘s fault. I loved it when I was not behind on my bills.

When you go into a fast food restaurant don ‘t expect Filet Minion. Hey I love Popeyes Chicken. Arby’s does a great job with their menu. Mcdonald ‘s and Burger King yeah!!!

But I appreciate them for who they are and what they do. I think we need to appreciate Uber and Lyft for what they do and who they are.

Customer: How much do you get paid

Me: About $5 a ride on average. If you take 15 rides a day that is pretty good. That is not hard to do. There are some good days, some bad days and some great days just like anything.

But the bottom line is no one is making me do it!

People are talking about Unionizing. I think that is a bad idea. Enjoy Ride sharing for what it is. Uber started something good and we are all benefiting from it. It is like being invited into someone ‘s home for dinner. You come freely and eat. After you eat for 6 months you get mad at the person who invited you because you want better food.

What would they say? I appreciate your company but you do not have to come over if you do not want to. They might even say that they would rather have dinner with robots. They cost less to feed and they make better conversation. Hint hint.

Great Tips for Ride share Drivers and Uber and Lyft Below!

Uber and Lyft Losing Money

Uber and Lyft are not Making Money so how could You?

First off this is not a hit job on Uber, Lyft or Corporate America. This is a dose of reality as I see it as a 41-year-old Army Vet Husband and Father who drives for Uber and Lyft. So I know a lot about what I am saying. I have been in the ride sharing ecosystems for two years in May 2019.

Go and get your tea if you like. You might be sipping while you read this. I am not going to hold back with my thoughts. As an Uber and Lyft driver and an Entrepreneur I see both sides of what is going on. But past that as a human being I would like to chime in.

First off let me say something. Uber and Lyft are not making money. If you read the publications that have been coming out for years now this is evident. It may come to a surprise to you as it does to me. What Uber is not making money? I don ‘t have access to their books. So I cannot figure it out.

Although I have an idea. But really it ‘s none of my business. Now we are getting somewhere. It is none of my business unless I am an investor of Uber. They will be going public shortly so we will get to see where all the money is going and why they cannot pay drivers more.

I also have a solution for this problem. I have some medicine for Uber as well. Just hold on to your tea.

I have some tips for people who are considering to drive for Uber or Lyft and for those who are driving for Uber and Lyft right now. For the sake of being repetitive I will just use Uber in my statements. But know when I say Uber I mean both companies.

I think both companies are great companies by the way. So let me begin there. Much what I will tell you today I tell my customers on a daily basis when they ask these questions. So this is easy.

Here are some power points

  • If you are Considering to Ride share DO IT!
  • It is just supposed to be a Side Gig
  • I believe that one should consider it to be Temporary
  • Don ‘t make Uber and Lyft your Parent
  • Ride sharing is Unpredictable
  • Have a Side Gig for your Side Gig
  • Have a Side Gig for your Main Job
  • Your a Business person so diversify your Holdings
  • Uber and Lyft Are not Making Money
  • Have you Ever Heard of Self Driving Cars or Flying Cars?

If I were going to give a base line to these tips. Do not depend on $1 of income from Uber and Lyft. It is really like a business. You are a contractor. As a Contractor you never know when business is going to be good or bad. So in the good times you save up for the seasonal work or for the economic downturns.

You make good investments. You have some alternative income. You have other contract work lined up. You have to understand the nature of the beast. This is what I have learned in 2 years of being an Uber driver.

The money you make is not going to change your life. But it is good money. Then you consider your gas, car wear and tear, and the health dangers of doing health. Car accidents, Stress, sitting down for long periods of time, dangerous passengers and eating out are a few.

So make Uber and Lyft a temporary gig. You want to Unionize? It is not that serious to me. I don ‘t feel like I own 1 cent of Uber and Lyft. They pay me and I do a great job! I care about my customers and they care about me. Good deal. I will not make it any bigger than it is.

That is my advice to all of you out there in Ride sharing world. Don ‘t mess up a good thing.

Uber Needs to Charge More not Less

There comes a time when you’re competing against yourself. There is that time when you’re dating the girl and you got her. You are working extra hours so you can take her out to the best restaurants. When all she really wants is to spend time with you. Your actually just making her upset because you don ‘t get her. Does she like going to fancy restaurants. You betcha. But she also likes the quality time that she spends with you.

She talks about you all the time. How you are the greatest guy in the world. How you put up with her cat who doesn’t like you. Hey man your good.

Hello you’re competing with yourself! I think Uber is in the same predicament. I hear how much their customers love them. They need you. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a customer say, I really appreciate you guys because Instead of paying $5000 for a DWI I am only paying $15 to get home.

I will tell you many times they are not paying that much. Maybe on a drinking night a customer is paying $9 to $12 . I can usually estimate pretty good how much a customer is paying by what I am getting paid on a ride.

Even for Ride sharing customers who do not drink they love the services that Uber and Lyft give them and they are not going anywhere.


Because they have no were to go. They can either catch the bus for $3.50 in my local area. But the bus line is not convenient all the time. If your going to work, making groceries, or have to pick your children up. You don ‘t want to bother with the bus line all the time.

If your going to boyfriend house, on a date, or just out to party. Uber and Lyft are the way to go.

Pack 4 or 5 people into a car and pay one rate. Where do I sign up?

So Uber and Lyft lowering the pay of the drivers is not a good idea. Until you have considered that you can raise the price of your service which you undersell.

Ride sharing customers love their drivers. They love what we do for them. They want us to be compensated more. I do not want them to pay more. In fact, I am fine with the pay. Even though I think we should be paid more as well. I am not going to make any hay.

But I believe that Uber and Lyft have no other recourse but to charge their customers more. Instead of racing to the bottom trying to attract customers. Both companies need to see that they need to raise their prices. No collusion ha-ha!

Gentlemen ‘s agreement. Raise prices to survive!!!

If your customer thinks that you are treating your drivers bad they will think that your not such a good deal. Some customers care and some do not. But I believe that it is in Uber ‘s best interest to pay drivers more. That means charging customers more in the end.

Unless they find some other way to make up for the shortfall in the Ride sharing part of their business. As I will touch on below.

What is your Business Plan?

Having said all that I said above I have no idea what Uber has up it ‘s sleeve. We know that Uber and Lyft are using their technology in a lot of different ways. Uber Eats, Delivering medicine at one time, Bike Trips, and driver less car technologies. So they are ready to expand into other areas. So their business model and profitability is bigger than what we as drivers may see or understand.

We need to keep that in mind. We need to be like Uber and have many things going on. That is why recommend to Ride sharing Drivers to create their own website and start their own business with Wealthy Affiliate. They teach them from A to Z how to make money online.

Ride sharing companies have a vision and strategy for their business to expand and thrive. Ride sharing drivers need to see a bigger picture.

Diversify your holdings. We love what we do. We feed our families with our income, we make investments, we build our own business and we also give to charity.

One of my customers told me of a police officer that she knows that does Uber so he can pay for trips for his little brother that he spends time from the Big Brother and Little brother program. That is Super!

Ride sharing is a super thing for everyone as one of my customers told me today. I agreed.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Training


Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Start Burning Economic Rubber with Wealthy Affiliate!!!

Esterphainie the Uber driver in her quote at the beginning of this post said that she felt like she was spinning her wheels. Well don ‘t spin your wheels with Ride sharing. Burn Rubber with Wealthy Affiliate.

With Ride sharing it is Wash Rinse Repeat. Over and Over and Over. It can be hard. It is not easy. Build your own business and with Wealthy Affiliate and learn how you can hit 100 to 160 on the Economic dashboard.

Uber and Lyft have to have a business plan. So do Ride sharing Drivers. I would love to help you find a business plan. A way to make more money on the side. It can become a more than just a side gig. Unlike Ride sharing it can become more than just a side gig that takes takes and takes.

It can give more than you give it once you build it!

For a step by step window into Online Marketing let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate Online Training. From me to you!

Happy and PROSPEROUS Journey!!!

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  1. Hey there,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. I’m actually working for Lyft as a part-time student driver so that I can fund my education and possibly pay for my Wealthy Affiliate membership. Once I manage to make enough income from Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll quit my driving job and start burning rubber with Wealthy Affiliate just like you mentioned. I’ll definitely share this article with my friends, it’ll help them too!

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this detailed blog post. Keep up the good work!

    • Hello Av2001! Many blessings to your on your journey my friend. Great to meet fellow Rideshare drivers as well as Wealthy Affiliate members. I tell you what we do as drivers is a interesting thing. Uber and Lyft need good people like us to be drivers. They need to find out a way to compensate us accordingly. 

      I have a post on that as well I am about to release. But this post is the flip side. About how we as rideshare drivers must also take responsibility for our financial now and future. Not putting it all on Uber and Lyft while they navigate their business moves. No pun intended lol. 

      Get it navigate? LOL. I love it! 

      I am so glad that I am blogging my way to financial independence with Wealthy Affiliate! 

  2. A very nice and informative article and it’s SUPER nice to read driver’s perspective that isn’t negative on riders. Oh my lordy, how many times I’ve seen threads where Uber and Lyft drivers get upset at customers for their rate of pay when most riders have no idea y’all don’t get paid to go to their location or even know you can’t see our destinations so they whine when someone is only going a short distance. Sigh. It’s not their fault. Be upset with Uber or Lyft, bring up the problem with them.

    You’re absolutely right that Uber should be a side gig. You’re a contractor, not salary. Some days will be better than others. Though I love the idea of a side gig for your side gig! Great advice.

    • Hey what is going on Selenity Jade. I love the name. Smooth lol. We see eye to eye on this. I find it as an honor to serve people. As a Christian and I guess personally this just comes natural to me. But also having a good perspective. You hit it on the head. 

      The customers are not to blame for the fare rate. I think many Rideshare customers would pay more if it meant we got paid more. But I do not want that. 

      However. Big However. I wrote a Rough Draft rebuttal of this post in a way. Or kind of the flip side of the coin. Putting the spotlight on Uber and Lyft to charge certain customers more for certain things that they give away for free. 

      So it is not a burden on the person who uses Ridesharing to go back and forth to work or to pick up their kid from the babysitter etc. 

      But if you want to splurge a little with certain things that are free then you pay a little more. I think that is the flip side of Drivers having a better perspective on their Market share of the profits. 

  3. Wow, this is quite an article. Almost verything written about these ride sharing apps and working with the companies can really apply to a lot of other employment issues or life in general. If customers are happy with the service you provide but you aren’t really making much out of it, instead of complaining, find alternatives. Robots might replace the work most of us do, we should have Plan B’s and maybe even C’s, to ensure that we are able to do what we have to do when the time comes. You have released a lot of wisdom on this article. Thanks so much for letting us know how not to spin our wheels but to burn rubber where we would get good returns.

    • Why hello Vapz and thanks for stopping by. You make some great points as well. No one knows the future. But we must access the present. We must be flexible and wise. While working hard. They are saying that Automation will bring a robot force to replace millions of jobs. 

      Relying on one company for your income stopped about 30 years ago. People found out they needed a Plan B. That reminds me of a great movie that I recommend called the Company Men with Tommy Lee Jones and Ben Affleck. Great movie!!

      🙂 My pleasure in sharing what I have experienced. Many blessings to you as well. 

  4. Hello Cedric,

    Thank you for opening my eyes about the situation Uber drivers are going through in you area. I had no idea about this. Uber is something quite new in my country and there has been many discussions about it, specially because of angry taxi drivers. So many Uber drivers cannot complain about the situation here. 

    I have also recently started my own website at Wealthy Affiliate and I think it’s a good alternative income source to try out.

    I wished you the best for your website. 



    • Well hello Mariana where are you from? That is interesting. Uber has had mixed success around the globe. The evolution of the company is very intriguing. I will continue to follow it and reporting back. 

      I am glad that you gave Wealthy Affiliate a try. It is a great well proven place to learn how to make money online. I absolutely love it and recommend it all day long 365 days a year! 


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