Your Introduction to the world: The Best Website Builders and Special Deals

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Your Introduction to the world: The Best Website Builders and Special Deals

Welcome to my presentation of the Best Website Builders and Special Deals. Here I will feature the top companies in the game like Godaddy, Wealthy Affiliate, Shopify and Wix. For two long the world has been deprived of YOUR WEBSITE! The world has been looking for your thoughts, your products, your business, your pictures, your videos, your ideas, your family, your spunk, and your fun!

Furthermore I want to encourage you to take advantage of the great opportunity to increase your income and change your lifestyle by creating an online e-commerce shop, blog, or niche website. The money being made online is unbelievably incredible I would say it is INSANE. According to Desktop Retail E-commerce sales or the amount that people spent in online shopping was a whopping 335 Billion Dollars .

Building your own website is a gateway to capturing your piece of this every growing online business pie.

Who knew that their expression of themselves , what they like, what they care about, and what they are interested in would be so valuable and sought after? As well as so easy to put in one place and market? Well Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest . But who is counting them ha-ha?

The power of the online market of people searching for goods and services combined with the ever growing and effective Social Networking capabilities and business outreach. Means that the all you have to do is carve your own niche in the online marketplace.

The knowledge and power that I have to share today is that the average person is sitting on a gold mine. Your life, your thoughts, your family and your fun is a real life Reality Tv show that people have been waiting to find out about! In the online world if done right this interest in what you bring to the table translates to monthly income that can be very considerable.


I created this website Marketing Affiliate Gems in order to share my love and knowledge of Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Home Business with the world. Also, to make extra money and later replace my current monthly income. The fun, challenge, and change in my outlook on life that creating my own website has giving me is unexplainable.

The new hope that I have of creating the type of income and time that I could never of dreamed of working for someone else. By creating my own website a whole new world has opened up for me. It is not easy but it also is not hard. I am on my way to making great money online.

So I am encouraging you to do the same. Start your journey by creating a website of your choice. Let me share some stats and general ideas of why I think everyone should have a website.

Online Income with Your Name on It : Gold Rush

Make no mistake making your own mark on the internet and getting a piece of the online pie is not easy. But I am here to tell you that you can do it with the right education and partners. Many of these online website builders also come with aids in learning how to market your site online.

Combined with your diligent and precise effort and talent your website will be a like a spider ‘s web catching the online gold rush that is coming in every year by the Billions.

In Closing: We want to Hear from You! 

I hoped this was a great way for your to access the best website builders to start or enhance your online business. If you know of any other great website creation companies please let me know.

Also share with us what you like about these companies mentioned

14 thoughts on “Your Introduction to the world: The Best Website Builders and Special Deals”

  1. I love it when I can feel the publishers excitement in their post I’m reading.  WA gives that excitement to the individual, wanting to succeed in an online, affiliate marketing career.  

    For me, it is more than just a job.  Its opened a whole new world of ideas, possibilities, and opportunities.

    Thanks for sharing,Laura

    • Uggh yes Laura indeed! Thank you that is one of the best compliments one can give me. That they feel what I felt as I was writing! I am so pumped up about what I do as an Internet Marketer. I am on the road to mega success. I made a sale with my health and wellness website It is ranking very high with Google. As is a few of my websites. I advise people to only have one website but I have multiple ones. I did it wrong on purpose 🙂 . I love what I do so much. 

      Soon they all will be profitable I believe. Being able to help others to be successful in Online Marketing as well is a joy for me. I teach people that if they follow their passion and a proven system. Success will come. Or heck if you have passion create your own system if you feel led :). But that passion is important. So… I am glad that my passion comes across. Thanks . I felt your reply as well 🙂 . Well said! Wealthy Affiliate is awesome!!! 

  2. I’ve heard of godaddy but I never looked into it that much. However I am familar with Wealthy Affiliate and have been part of their community for quite some time. If it wasn’t for the training that they they have provided me with I would have never had the courage to build my own websites. i had no idea how simple it was to have a website. I thought I would have to do all of the coding and pay an outrageous fee for hosting. But that was not the case. I would encourage anyone looking for a way to earn a passive to look to WA. “By creating my own website a whole new world has opened up for me.” This is exactly how I feel.

    • Hi Stacy that is so true! Very well said. 🙂 . I am having so much fun! When you make your first sale and when you are able to meet new people and help people with what they are looking for. It changes your life! 

      Very good points as well about Wealthy Affiliate. Out of all the web hosting companies I have dealt with. I am most in love with Wealthy Affiliate. Simple, Powerful, Fun, Useful and Diverse applications. That is how I would describe Wealthy Affiliate. I like Godaddy and what they offer. But Wealthy Affiliate is much more comprehensive in my opinion. 

  3. Hey I can vouch for Wealthy Affiliate. I joined about one year ago and I can honestly say that I am finally getting a peace of the internet pie. There is indeed close to 400 Billion Dollars being shuffled around on here and I decided I wanted my cut so here I am making money.

    Wealthy Affiliate teaches not only how to build money making websites but also teaches how to monetize websites to the best of it’s abilities. It is truly website paradise. I’ll see you back on WA.

    • Ha ha ha!!! What is going on Flowstash! I love the name :). Very good points. Powerful points. Thank you for your point of view and incite. It feels good when people come to your website and you see the money coming in. It is addictive!!! 

  4. I definitely agree with you when you say that this is a gold rush. But I would say that this is something that is not easy. All though everyone has the ability to do it. The more that you learn and do, the easier affiliate marketing becomes. 

    My favorite thing about this is that anyone can pick this up. Your passion for it is what allows you to succeed.

    • Very True lesson to learn Wesley! A very powerful one. We should not expect something so lucrative to be so easy. But if you have the right tools. The right education. The right passion indeed!!! I believe it is a shoe in that you will succeed if you don ‘t quit. 

      I took the long trip around the block and I have still had some limited success. I have over 30 websites . I am actively working about 7 I would say. Way too much right. If I can push that content out and do all that I am doing with so many websites. I know others can do it with one!!!

      The right way! 🙂 . Again I stress I know exactly what I am doing. I did it this way on purpose. I encourage others to get in and build one website. If they would like any help they can contact me and I can coach them and lead them to the right mentors. 

  5. This was a good read, you have a great style to your writing. It is nice to see that you listed Wealthy Affiliate in this list, the amazing amount of resources available there is incredible. Like you said the money being made online is insane, but it is important to find the right place to get your information that will guide you properly. Wealthy Affiliate is that place, I have been a member nearly 2 years now and my business has thrived via that platform. Highly recommended.

    Nice job on this post, thanks for the information


    • Hey Todd! Awesome awesome indeed. Glad to hear that you have been profitable with Wealthy Affiliate Thank you for your kind words in addition. 

      Yes indeed finding the right fit for your online business and TRAINING!!! MENTORSHIP!!!! and TOOLS!!! How about FRIENDSHIPS!!! COLLABORATIONS!!!! Some website builders give you tools. Limited tools. Here is your website, have fun. But Wealthy Affiliate stands out to me because they not just give you a website they help you every step of the way for a knockout price!!! 

  6. It’s is great to see that your review covered home (Wealthy Affiliate). You touch on Wix as one of your top company to be spotlighted. I have/had a website with Wix, up until this past September when I let my contract expire, in an effort to transfer it into Wealthy Affiliate builder.  Well the transfer failed and I need to go back to WIX for a backup and now, that the contract was not renewed, I play the “red tape” game trying to get my data recovered.

    If this game continues too long, I will just go through the rebuilding of my second site here.It is my second site that I really want to get rolling but I will deal with whatever it takes to get my website from one company over to another.

    I have enjoyed creating my last 2 websites and I look forward to adding others down the road because I have enjoyed introducing the world to my current websites!

    • Hi Donnie I am glad to hear that you love Wealthy Affiliate as I do. It is a super awesome platform. I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem with transferring your website from Wix to Wealthy Affiliate. I have never dealt with Wix myself. But I do plan to build a website on the platform. 

      I know someone who loves Wix for their online business. He is very successful with it. So that is why I listed it on my Best website builders list. I have never transferred a website from one hosting company to another. I hope I never have to do so. 

      I hope it goes smoother than it has for you. Those websites are like our babies 🙂 .

      By the way guess what. I have 25 websites on Wealthy Affiliate lol!!! 

  7. Hi Cedric! You’re right that creating a website and forming it into a business is a great opportunity we have in today’s society.  There are many companies who offer the opportunity to create a free website, and you’ve mentioned quite a few. I want to highlight some of the differences from my experience trying more than one of these, and choosing Wealthy Affiliate as my favorite.

    Before finding Wealthy Affiliate in 2018, quite a few of my friends and I had already been excited by the business opportunities in the online world. As a result, we tried quite a few different website builders in effort to gain momentum online. None of them offer the level of support that Wealthy Affiliate offered. For example, with Wix, their website builder is very easy, but there’s more to a website than aesthetics. You want data, analytics, and training on how to get traffic to the website.  The other website builders leave a void in the area of data, analytics, training and community that Wealthy Affiliate fills.

    As a result of the suite offered, members are enabled to “have a piece of the pie” because they’re taught how to cut the slices and eat.

    • Hi Tiffany! I greatly agree with your statement that I prefer Wealthy Affiliate as being very unique and preferred for those of us who are or were beginners as online marketers.  When I came to Wealthy Affiliate 3 and 1/4 years ago I already had a little experience in website building and building an online presence. 

      I had used about two other website services. It might of been Godaddy… It was archaic back then. It is a 7 out of 10 now. I am going to be doing a bigger dive into the new Godaddy but from my few months of usage of their platform it is much better now. But yes it is not Wealthy Affiliate because of the things that you mentioned. Wealthy Affiliate is GREAT with it ‘s training, mentorship, support and the ability to build up to 25 websites without more cost. 

      That is INSANE AWESOME!!! What??? I can build a website and I can get TONS of real support from real people and learn learn learn while I earn earn earn. STUPID AWESOME. 

      But the thing is what I wanted to do with this post is give people as many good to great options that I could. Everyone is different and everyone needs are different. I consider myself an Online business veteran now. So I am trying different platforms. 

      My first venture out of the Website building platform is WP Engine. Here is my review on WP engine here. https://marketingaffiliategems

       It is Super Awesome for anyone wanting to build a website and online business. While I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate for beginners if WP Engine is also good for those who are new to online business. Here are a few of my websites with WP. They are just starting so… they are not a finished product. https://www.footballpowertalk….  https://www.bestfoodreciperevi…  https://www.onlineshoppingtree

      Visuals are important. The feel of the website. I hear that Wix is great at that. So is WP Engine. Wealthy Affiliate does a good job of that as well. But I give WP Engine the edge on that as for now.

      I love the themes that come with your WP Engine hosting. They are super awesome. The sites are super fast loading. But there are some things that are not as good as WA… But your content is what in the end of the day is going to make your website great or blah…  

      Why? Sometimes I think too much coaching and information can be counter productive. Because the best thing when you have a website can be. Hey just write add some pictures and videos and choose a few monetization techniques and that is it. 

      I think people get lost in the sauce sometimes even at a great place like WA. It can be hard to focus on your online business with so much human chatter on the platform. Again as great an needed as it can be for a new online business owner and veterans. WA is still great for veterans! I am not leaving ever!!! 

      I have also tried Shopify. I think it is an 7 out of 10. But I did not give it a great try. So I am going back to build a site on that platform as well. 

      What I am saying is. There are some great options out there. I want to help people to be successful online and there is not one way to do it. I want to give them great options to choose from and go through their own evolution. 

      Sometimes if you did not know what was not as good you would not know what is much better!!! And why. 

      All other things being close to equal that is. These website builders above can go toe to toe in other important areas like site speed and bandwidth and site uptime to name a few. But again it is going to come back to the vision and the content of the site creator at the end of the day. 

      I will say that WA really helped me to open up my vision for my website. Now I am super creative and I am getting great rankings. I just love building an online presence!!! A challenge. Super fun. Super rewarding in many ways. Not just monetarily 


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